Coffee Clan

A Strong Voice for the Price of a Coffee!


Having just recovered from celebrating our 10th anniversary, we’re digging in for the next decade of speaking up on family issues and being a ‘watchdog’ for the issues that matter to you. We’re about to move in to our bigger offices.

JOIN THE ‘COFFEE CLAN’: For as little as $5 per week (the price of a coffee) or $20 per month (or more if you are able – $100, $250, $500 per month), you’ll help us provide an ongoing strong voice for family issues in NZ. We’re aiming for 500 new COFFEE CLAN members!

Could you please email [email protected] to inform us if you set up an automatic payment so that we can watch out for it and ensure you are receipted correctly – thanks!


1. I would like to donate by AUTOMATIC PAYMENT from my bank account (most common method)
Click here to download the Automatic Payment form

 2. I would like to make a credit card donation by RECURRING PAYMENTS
Credit Card donations are processed by PayPal and are guaranteed secure.
Choose your amount from the drop-down menu, and then press “Regular Donor”.

3. PUSHPAY – Pushpay allows you to give to Family First from your smartphone, in just 10 seconds. Download Pushpay for free, register and you can give on the go.

There is also an option for recurring payments on Pushpay

To make a one-off donation (which we also appreciate!), CLICK HERE