Moko’s father was conspicuous by his absence


NZ Herald 1 June 2016 Family First Comment: An excellent column from Ewen McQueen. An interesting follow-on from our report earlier this week on a significant factor of child poverty, which is also a significant factor of child abuse and neglect. “However, this is the inconvenient truth that no one wants to face. The politicians […]

Boycott – Me Before You – “disability death porn.”

euthanasia Me Before You

Alex Schadenberg – Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 26 May 2016 The movie – Me Before You will be released in theatres across North America on June 3. The Euthanasia Prevention Coalition is urging its supporters to boycott Me Before You to not give any money to the production of movies that perpetuate the ideology that death is better […]

Australian tourist towns follow New Zealand on Wicked Campers

australian flag

Stuff 31 May 2016 Family First Comment: The momentum builds. 👍 Aussie tourist towns have followed New Zealand’s lead and banned Wicked Campers from caravan parks. Blue Mountains and Byron Bay banned the vans after New Zealand censor Andrew Jack ruled that some slogans were objectionable and therefore had to stay out of public places or face a hefty fine. The vans […]

Support for male HPV vaccination grows


NewsHub 31 May 2016 Health experts are supporting a proposal to vaccinate boys against human papillomavirus (HPV), saying it will help save lives. The HPV vaccine has been available free to girls in New Zealand since 2008 and now Pharmac is calling for public feedback on its proposal to widen funding. “Boys are definitely at […]

Lindsay Mitchell: Sole Parents and the Link to Child Poverty

poverty kids hands up

NewsTalk ZB 30 May 2016 A new report has identified a strong link between sole parent families and child poverty. The report author, Lindsay Mitchell helps explain what’s been called the ‘elephant in the room’. LISTEN HERE: Keep up with family issues in NZ. Receive our weekly emails direct to your Inbox.

On Newstalk ZB Chch discussing poverty report

audio family first

National Director Bob McCoskrie talks to Newstalk ZB’s Chris Lynch in Christchurch about the child poverty report.

Media Coverage of Child Poverty Report


Family First blames child poverty on divorce and single parents NZ Herald 30 May 2016 Parental breakups, not unemployment, are given in a new report as the prime cause of New Zealand’s high rate of child poverty. The report, published today by the Family First lobby group, says the near-trebling of sole parents from 10 […]

Family First @ World Congress of Families in Georgia

wcf bob with levan Georgia

Family First NZ has been in attendance at the World Congress of Families in Georgia. The event was hosted by Levan Vasadze (shown left, and below with Bob McCoskrie). His son was in the Auckland Rugby Academy, and we met him in Utah last year. We even watched the Rugby World Cup final together (he was […]

Why I Blocked All Advertisements for “Me Before You”

euthanasia - Me before You

Claiming Clip 27 May 2016 It seems like I can’t be on Facebook or any other form of social media for more than five minutes lately without seeing an advertisement for the upcoming film, “Me Before You”. It is marketed as a heartwarming love story between a disabled man and his non-disabled caregiver. The previews […]

UNICEF lobbies Canadian Parliament to allow euthanasia for children

EUTHANASIA sick child

LifeSiteNews 24 May 2016 Family First Comment:  Shocking! “That would include euthanasia or assisted suicide for mature minors who suffer from a NON-TERMINAL illness or DISABILITY, according to UNICEF Canada’s policy director Marvin Bernstein.” Anything with UN in the title probably should be avoided…. UNICEF Canada is pushing for assisted suicide and euthanasia for children […]