Defining ourselves in the debate over death

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Stuff 17 October 2015 OPINION: Thanks to a little-known politician, New Zealanders are about to embark on another round of debate over one of the more important issues facing our society. It’s important because it could tweak the foundations of who we are. And over time, that would change many more aspects of our […]

Court victory for father who refused to pay £120 school holiday fine (UK)

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MailOnline 16 October 2015 A father who was fined £120 for taking his daughter to Disney World during term time has had the punishment overturned in a court victory. Jon Platt spent £1,000 on lawyers’ fees while challenging the fine – but his victory could provide relief for thousands of parents who want to save […]

10 Things parents need to know about the new sex ed (Canada)

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In 2010, Ontario, Canada unveiled a new sex ed curriculum for children in grades one through eight. When parents saw what was in it, there was such an uproar that the government immediately withdrew it. They said they’d re-examine it, and they promised to consult with parents. But it’s not clear they did. And now […]

Let doctors decide on medicinal cannabis

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Dominion Post Editorial 16 October 2015 OPINION: The call grows louder to relax the laws around “medicinal cannabis”. Union leader Helen Kelly, who has terminal cancer, has given it new voice with her own forceful appeal to the Government. “If a doctor says I would benefit from this, then who is Peter Dunne to decide […]

Netherlands 2014 euthanasia report – another 10% increase.

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient --- Image by © Wernher Krutein/Corbis

Euthanasia Prevention Coalition 10 October 2015 The 2014 Netherlands euthanasia report was released indicating that there was another 10% increase in assisted deaths. There were also 41 assisted deaths for psychiatric reasons and 81 assisted deaths for dementia. The term assisted death refers to deaths by euthanasia and assisted suicide. The 2014 report stated that there […]

Key backing gives boost to euthanasia bill

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NZ Herald 15 October 2015 A push to legalise voluntary euthanasia has been boosted by the Prime Minister’s endorsement. John Key said he would support a new member’s bill lodged by Act leader David Seymour yesterday if it was drawn from the ballot. “In all probability if it’s drawn I will vote for it,” he […]

Into the River ban lifted by Film and Literature Board

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Stuff 14 October 2015 The New Zealand Film and Literature Board has lifted the ban on Ted Dawe’s controversial teen novel Into the River. In a decision that was far from unanimous, the president of the board expressed the collective felt the actions of the censor were “illegal”. Board president Don Mathieson delivered a […]

Prostitution Law Fail: 17 year old ‘pimp’

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Text to high-flier: ‘I’ve got a girl to sell’ Stuff 12 October 2015 A 17-year-old girl acted as a “pimp” for a wealthy Auckland businessman – finding and enticing girls as young as 15 to have sex with him in return for drugs and cash, prosecutors say. The pair allegedly preyed on methamphetamine-addicted teenagers, […]

Euthanasia bill is open to wide interpretation


Media Release Euthanasia-Free NZ 14 October 2015  “The End-of-Life Choice Bill uses vague language that is open to wide interpretation”, says Renee Joubert, Executive Officer of Euthanasia-Free NZ. The bill proposes death by lethal drugs for people with “a grievous and irremediable medical condition”. Virtually anyone could qualify under this clause, because a condition automatically […]

David Seymour introduces End of Life Choice Bill

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3News 14 October 2015 A Bill legalising assisted dying will be introduced into the Member’s ballot by ACT leader David Seymour today. Mr Seymour says the End of Life Choice Bill is a response to the growing call for euthanasia which has gained prominence since the high-profile case of lawyer Lecretia Seales who spent her […]