Judges block ‘state guardian’ for every child law (Scotland)

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Daily Mail 29 July 2016 Family First Comment: Good decision! This was the same crazy suggestion that ex-Children’s Commissioner Cindy Kiro made about 10 years ago regarding all NZ children.  Judges have blocked Nicola Sturgeon’s controversial law to appoint a named person for every child in Scotland, blasting the scheme as ‘totalitarian’. The flagship policy, […]

Sexualisation of children an issue that needs to be faced

Melinda Tankard Reist

Stuff co.nz 28 July 2016 Family First Comment: Melinda spoke at our 2011 Forum on the Family. A great ally in the field. Well worth attending her upcoming talks in August in Wgn & Chch. Advocates for women and girls are calling on New Zealand to address its role in the global trade for females’ […]

It’s the end for CYF – AGAIN!

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Faces of Innocents: CYF to be shut down and replaced by a new ministry Stuff co.nz 28 July 2016 Family First Comment: This sentence sums it up. “CYF’s name has been subtly changed three times before and it’s been restructured at least 14 times since its inception in 1992.” The Govt can’t spend their way […]

Reality Check: Hillary Clinton’s history with same-sex marriage

Hillary Clinton

KRDO.com 27 July 2016 Family First Comment: Gosh – Hillary used to believe in Marriage as one man one woman. But politics slowly changed that.  “I have a strong record on same sex marriage.” ~ @HillaryClinton#HillaryLies pic.twitter.com/95ho72J7cj — Neil Turner (@NeilTurner_) March 13, 2016 “Could have been sooner.” During the primary season, “Saturday Night Live” […]

Faces of Innocents: Why our murder and manslaughter laws need to change


Stuff co.nz 27 July 2016 The laws covering murder and manslaughter in New Zealand need reform, writes Massey University law professor Chris Gallavin for the Faces of Innocents series. Reform is required to ensure fairness to defendants, to avail the Crown of more options when charging (and plea bargaining), and to support judges when sentencing. Murder is broadly defined […]

Study Finds Sharp Increase in Marijuana Exposure Among Colorado Children

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New York Times 25 July 2016 Family First Comment: Shocking! “A study published on Monday in the journal JAMA Pediatrics says that in Colorado the rates of marijuana exposure in young children, many of them toddlers, have increased 150 percent since 2014, when recreational marijuana products, like sweets, went on the market legally…. During that […]

The phenomenon of divorce regret

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NZ Herald 23 July 2016 Family First Comment: An interesting discussion – although note that there is very little discussion around what’s best for children, and their needs. “Divorce has never been easier and, for marriages where abuse or genuine incompatibility is at play, shooting the horse can be the best option. But for others […]

Talking to Children about Sex

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American College of Pediatricians 25 July 2016 Family First Comment: Excellent read. “Parents have the opportunity to protect their children from the potentially harmful consequences of sex, counteract misinformation from other sources, and  communicate their own values regarding sex when they talk to their children about sex and sexuality” Parents can and should have the most […]

Police paying for child abuse tipoff leaves them open to ‘trumped up complaints’

Andrew Becroft

Children’s Commissioner cautions that police paying for child abuse tipoffs leaves them open to ‘trumped up complaints’  TVNZ One News 25 July 2016 Family First Comment: Hallelujah! A Children’s Commissioner with some common sense!!!! “Complaints could be made for money. They could be trumped up complaints, they could be half truths used to further the […]

CYF ‘sorry’ over children in faeces-riddled mess

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Landlord ‘disappointed’ after alerting CYF to revolting conditions NewsHub 25 July 2016 Family First Comment: And this is why people have issues with CYF. They go completely over the top on cases of smacking and unsubstantiated claims by ex-partners (see protectgoodparents.org.nz for the evidence) but fail to respond appropriately on cases like this and Moko […]