Big Win for Traditional Family at UN Human Rights Council

family - traditional 9 July 2015 A monumental development for the pro-family movement came last week in Geneva when the Human Rights Council approved a resolution calling for countries to take concrete steps to protect the family, described in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights as the “natural and fundamental group unit of society.” This is the […]

The Myth of Backyard Abortions

abortion coat hangers

Culture Watch 13 July 2015 The pro-abortion camp is fond of speaking about rusty coat-hanger abortions and other horror stories associated with illegal abortions. They claim we must have legal abortion or we will return to the bad old days where so many mothers are said to have died. But there are a number of […]

Survey doesn’t show doctors’ views – NZMA

EUTHANASIA heart check

Radio NZ News 14 July 2015 Nearly 12 percent of general practitioners surveyed by the magazine New Zealand Doctor say they have helped a terminally ill person die. But the New Zealand Medical Association says the survey does not reflect doctors’ views. Thirteen of the 110 GPs who responded to the survey by New Zealand […]

Kiwi parents ‘in the dark’ about their kids’ online activities – survey

internet unsupervised

OneNews 14 July 2015 The survey of more than 600 parents by internet security company Norton by Symantec reveals 74 per cent of parents are in the dark about their kids’ online activities The survey also shows many parents are disconnected from their children’s online world and are not engaging with them about internet practices […]

Auckland suburbs could become a red light district

brothel sign

NZ Herald 14 July 2015 New signage regulations for residential brothels mean streets housing families and children could easily become a K’Rd-style red light district, a lobby group says. Under the new council rules, brothels in residential Auckland will soon be allowed small signs advertising their sex services — but flashing lights or sexualised shapes […]

(Only 13) Doctors helping patients die as assisted death debate rolls on (by Stuff-ed)

euthanasia - physician assisted

Doctors helping patients die as assisted death debate rolls on Stuff 13 July 2015 More than one in ten doctors have helped a patient die despite potentially breaking the law, a survey suggests. In a fax poll of general practitioners, conducted by magazine New Zealand Doctor and IMS Health, nearly 12 per cent of respondents […]

Single parents struggle more than most families, research says

single parent

Stuff 13 July 2015 Single parents still face more challenges than any other type of family, new research has found. The 2015 Families and Whanau Status Report, released by the Social Policy Evaluation and Research Unit (Superu), showed while most families were doing reasonably well when it came to measures such as income, housing […]

15 y/o’s allowed state-funded sex change ops – without parents knowing (Oregon)

gender identity no support

Oregon allowing 15-year-olds to get state-subsidized sex-change operations Fox News 9 July 2015 The list of things 15-year-olds are not legally allowed to do in Oregon is long: Drive, smoke, donate blood, get a tattoo — even go to a tanning bed. But, under a first-in-the-nation policy quietly enacted in January that many parents are […]

Massive demand for church schools

church school

Catholics eye north Hamilton for new school Stuff 5 July 2015 Expectant parents are registering their unborn children with Waikato church-run schools in a bid to ensure a place for them when they turn five. Hundreds of non-Catholic children are already registered on Catholic school waiting lists in Hamilton city alone and this has […]

Parents say they’re now calling four-year-old son a girl

gender boy girl

LifeSiteNews 7 July 2015 An Oakland, California, couple is giving their four-year old son the green light to identify as a girl. Jack Carter Christian, the son of Mary Carter and James Christian, will now be known as “Jackie” and be allowed to dress and act as a little girl. The family acknowledged they were […]