View of Euthanasia – by a MS Survivor

euthanasia - MS survivor YouTube

Disability Rights Advocate Mark Davis Pickup (Beaumont, Alberta) talks about his clouded judgement at the time of his being diagnosed with MS. Mark’s story will be featured in Vulnerable: The Euthanasia Deception.

WATCH – Aussie ‘safe schools’ leader admits programme not about bullying

bullying Safe Schools YouTube

Lifesite News 18 Mar 2016 Family First Comment: Exposed – the real agenda. Shocking.  Undercover video recorded at the 2014 Safe Schools Coalition National Symposium has exposed as a lie the claim that the program is about helping students stand up to bullying in schools. The symposium was a launch event for the contentious Safe […]

Wealth is no protection against domestic violence

child neglected

Stuff 20 March 2016 Family First Comment: “Links are often made between violence and poverty in the media, yet the effects of domestic violence are felt across all sectors of society in South Canterbury. Rangi-Smith said abuse did not discriminate when it came to the wealth a woman may have.” Correct! Time to look […]

NZ ‘doing bugger all’ to fix one of worst child abuse rates in world, says doctor

kahui twins

NZ Herald 21 March 2016 Family First Comment: And nothing will change until we look at declining marriage rates, family structure and breakdown, and get real tough on drug and alcohol abuse. That would be a good place to start. New Zealand has one of the worst rates of child abuse in the world and […]

Lobby group claims support for muzzling Wicked Campers

wicked campers

TVNZ One News 20th March 2016 Support is growing to pressure Wicked Campers to remove what many consider to be offensive advertisements and messages on their vehicles. Family First NZ launched a campaign last month encouraging families to take a photo of the artwork on a Wicked Camper vehicle and then make a complaint to […]

Scientific report identifies health and behaviour risks for kids in care

who cares feature image

Stuff 20th March 2016 Family First Comment: The Brainwave Trust are saying the same things we said in our 2012 report.  A boom in daycare is seeing children spend up to 10,000 hours in care by the time they start school. A major childcare report shows increased risk of childhood respiratory illness, obesity, aggression and hyperactivity. The new generation of babies […]

Crude vans in ministers’ crosshairs

wicked campers

NZ Herald 20th March 2016 Family First Comment: Finally! Getting real traction on our campaign to clean up Wicked Campers Government ministers are teaming up to crack down on campervan company Wicked Campers and its offensive slogans. Associate Tourism Minister Paula Bennett is leading the charge and told the Herald on Sunday: “I’m determined […]

Young disabled leaders share their stories of bullying

bullying 1

‘Bullying makes you feel cold inside’ – Young disabled leaders share their stories of bullying NZ Herald 19 March 2016 Family First Comment: A very worthy programme. And yes, bullying happens to many different groups of people – as we have always argued. Keep the radical sexual agenda out of bullying programmes. Six young disabled […]

Mass drug bust across lower North Island

marijuana gateway drug

NewsTalk ZB 17 March 2016 Family First Comment: We’re constantly told that if we decriminalise marijuana, that the gangs will have no funds. We’re also told that there is no link between marijuana and the dealing / consumption of other drugs. Both these messages are myths. Here’s yet another example from the past week. “Cannabis, […]

Americans warm to gay marriage, sour on marriage – Huh?

marriage pamphlet ad

The Washington Post 16 March 2016 Family First Comment: How does gay marriage affect anybody, they ask? Here’s the evidence. It weakens the purpose and important role of marriage, and drives the ‘disassociation of marriage from family life’. Ironically, the survey shows ‘attitudes toward divorce have soured’. It only took 45 years to start seeing […]