Eat at home five nights a week to cut risk of Type 2 diabetes

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The Telegraph 5 July 2016 Family First Comment: They discovered that people who ate at home between five and seven nights of the week were 15 per cent less likely to have developed Type 2 diabetes over the study period compared to those who ate out at least five nights a week. Those people who […]

Why is There More Domestic Violence Against Women in Liberal, Secular Countries?

Family in church 22 June 2016 Family First Comment: Fascinating study… “…the findings are only a surprise if you, like Adam Taylor, ignore a crucial factor: religion. The chart of violence against women published by Gracia and Merlo is like a track of the least religious to the most religious countries in Europe. According to The New […]

Govt programme slammed as ‘band-aid response’

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Radio NZ 5 July 2016 The government is scrapping an established programme for at-risk families for a new one which critics say is not as good. More than a quarter of the 114 Strengthening Families contracts in 10 areas are being cancelled and $1.3 million reallocated to the newly established Children’s Teams. The Ministry of […]

Study – Condom programmes increase teen fertility rates!


The Corner 17 June 2016 Family First Comment: No surprises. But the media may not report this one! Perhaps you could take the study and show the school nurse   A new study by a pair of Notre Dame economists received some media attention this week. It found that school districts that instituted condom distribution […]

Family Resolution Adopted by UN Human Rights Council!


Family Watch International 2 July 2016 Family First Comment: The UN Human Rights Council (HRC) has just passed the Protection of the Family resolution. It passed by a wide margin: 32 votes in favour, 12 against, and 3 abstentions. Statements include: “Reaffirms that the family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society, and […]

A step closer to a ban on smacking

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The Connexion 2 July 2016 Family First Comment: This is interesting. In France, they’re thinking about banning smacking – BUT… “The measure… is seen as symbolic. The ban comes with NO criminal penalties, but it ‘sets a clear principle, which is intended to be repeated to fathers and mothers, and inform their future behaviour’.” FRANCE […]

Why Right to Life opposes euthanasia

euthanasia - care not killing

Stuff 1 July 2016 Family First Comment: Good article! OPINION: Right to Life is opposed to the law being changed to allow doctors to kill their patients or assist in their suicide. Right to Life is a “whole of life” pro-life organisation, meaning we seek to uphold the right to life of every human being […]

7 Ways Marijuana May Affect the Brain

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LifeScience 1 July 2016 Family First Comment: A very good summary… “Marijuana has a reputation as a relatively harmless drug, but researchers are learning more and more about the effects it may have on the brain. An increased risk of psychosis, changes in the brain’s reward system and the scrambled neuron signals that may underlie […]

Man arrested after allegedly filming girls in Target dressing room

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LifeSiteNews 1 July 2016 A 22-year-old man was arrested and charged with violation of privacy last week after he allegedly recorded underage girls in a Target changing room. The incident allegedly took place at a New Hampshire Target store on June 22, just days after the two-month anniversary of the retail giant’s announcement of a […]

Young people today are more likely to delay having sex

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Teens and sex: what’s going on in our schools? NZ Herald 4 July 2016 Family First Comment: Great stuff. Contrary to the approach of Family Planning and Rainbow Youth, throwing condoms at kids isn’t working. Encouraging young people to abstain IS. “The study found that among secondary students surveyed in 2001 and in 2012, there […]