“Motherless Generation”- Australian Marriage Forum 2015

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This is the second in a series of ads from the Australian Marriage Forum which gives the child-centred case against same-sex ‘marriage & parenting’. It reflects on the 1950s-1970s government policy of ‘forced adoption’, for which there was a heartfelt national apology in Australia on March 21st 2013. It then considers the proposed policy to […]

A shocking decision

Dynel Lane - murderer of baby

Death of baby cut from womb doesn’t lead to murder charge OneNews 28 March 2015 The Colorado woman accused of cutting the baby from an expectant mother’s belly will not face murder charges in the gruesome attack that revived the highly charged debate over when a foetus can legally be considered a human being. There […]

Hope for dead teen’s sperm

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Stuff co.nz 29 March 2015 A review of laws on creating babies from dead people’s sperm and eggs has boosted hopes an inspirational Auckland teenager can father a child despite dying 11 years ago. Sharon Duncan’s son, promising young filmmaker Cameron Duncan, died aged 17 from bone cancer in November 2003. The previous year, when […]

Children spend six hours or more a day on screens

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BBC News 27 March 2015 | Children aged five to 16 spend an average of six and a half hours a day in front of a screen compared with around three hours in 1995, according to market research firm Childwise. Teenaged boys spend the longest, with an average of eight hours. Eight-year-old girls spend the […]

Gay marriage cake case

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The Independent 27 March 2015 The director of Christian-owned bakery which refused to make a cake bearing a pro-gay marriage slogan has said she knew in her heart she could not complete the order. Karen McArthur was giving evidence during the second day of the high-profile legal action being heard in Belfast’s County Court. Mrs […]

The cost of coming out as transgender

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Stuff co.nz 28 March 2015 Two weeks ago, Jess Taylor’s future parents-in-law got a letter. The 22-year-old left it on the kitchen table of their Invercargill home before going to work. In the letter, Taylor requested to be referred to as a “he” from now on. His new name would be Nathaniel. The letter took […]

Let pupils skip class for family holidays, says teachers’ union (UK)

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MailOnline 25 March 2015  Children should be able to skip school to go on holiday without their parents being penalised, teachers said yesterday. Union leaders said holidays are now the preserve of the rich thanks to harsher rules which punish families who go away in off-peak times. Parents have been fined up to £1,000 and even […]

Confusion Reigns in the Ranks

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NZ Herald 26 March 2015 U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter has gotten pushback from senior military leaders on whether the Pentagon should lift its ban on transgender people serving in the armed forces, according to officials familiar with the discussions. Carter initially told troops in Afghanistan that he was open-minded when asked if the Defense […]

Why Won’t Liberals Talk about the Most Important Kind of ‘Privilege’ in America?

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National Review 23 March 2015 It’s marriage. Much has been written about privilege in academic settings over the past few decades. There’s the privilege of wealth, and the advantages wealth confers if a baby is lucky enough to be born into it. Much too has been written about the advantages of being born into this […]

NZ First to put forward bill stripping paedophile name suppression

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Stuff co.nz 25 March 2015 A new bill to remove name suppression from paedophiles when the victims want their attacker named, is to be introduced to Parliament by NZ First. Leader Winston Peters, who is in Northland campaigning as for the by-election in which he is a candidate, announced the new policy today. He said […]