Backlash at pro-marriage ad broadcast on Mardi Gras night

marriage equality backlash

The first TV ad in the Australian Marriage Forum’s campaign, “Think of the Child”. Broadcast in March 2015 during the Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras this ad says there is no justice in ‘equality’ for adults which means inequality for children. OneNews 9 March 2015 As thousands of people celebrated the LGBTI community on […]

Woman opposes a man being in female changing room. SHE gets banned!

gender changing room

Fox News 8 March 2015 A Michigan gym reportedly canceled a woman’s membership after she refused to stop telling other members that “a man” was using the women’s locker room. Yvette Cormier told that the incident occurred at a Planet Fitness on Feb. 28 when she walked into the woman’s locker room and was […]

In your dreams, buddy

kids laughing

Euthanasia will be in NZ soon, says advocate Stuff 7 March 2015 It is only a matter of time before people are given the legal right to choose to die in New Zealand, a Dutch euthanasia advocate says. Dr Rob Jonquiere, who helped draft legislation that allowed Dutch people suffering a terminal illness to […]

Agencies doubt abuse figures

CYF logo

NZ Herald 6 March 2015 The number of child abuse complaints referred to Child Youth and Family in Tauranga is falling, but agencies in the area are debating the new figures. Information released by the Ministry of Social Development to the Bay of Plenty Times under the Official Information Act shows 444 children up to […]

Millennials spank as much as their parents (US)

spanking kids graph

Washington Post 5 March 2015 NFL star Adrian Peterson’s indictment last September over hitting his son with a switch renewed a long-running debate over whether parents should give up spanking their children. But as some anti-spanking activists acknowledge, the fight is a tough slog as Americans see spanking as largely acceptable. Newly released data find […]

‘Free-range parenting’ glitch – parents charged for children walking home alone

school children

OneNews 5 March 2015 The situation surrounding one US family has triggered fierce debate about the concept of free-range parenting after the parents were charged with neglect for letting their children walk home by themselves. This morning, the Maryland parents who made headlines for letting their 10 and six-year-olds walk a mile home from a […]

Woman gives birth to her own son’s IVF baby


MailOnline 3 March 2015 In a procedure believed to be a world first, a fertility clinic arranged the woman’s pregnancy using a donor egg and her son’s sperm. She offered to have the baby – with her husband’s consent – after plans by their son to have an IVF child with another female relative collapsed. […]

Disability rights group concerned over voluntary euthanasia

disabled adult

Stuff 3 March 2015 Disabled people could be coerced to commit suicide if a voluntary euthanasia bill is passed, a disability rights group says. Not Dead Yet convenor Wendi Wicks said there could never be adequate protections for disabled people under voluntary euthanasia legislation. “There are endless ways of telling disabled people time and […]

Couples who stay together enjoy degree-equivalent boost to income


Marriage Foundation 1 March 2015 Staying together can have the same positive impact on subsequent income as having a degree, a new study by Marriage Foundation has found. Staying together can boost income by up to 35 per cent. The negative effect on income of paying for two households, additional transport and increased care costs […]

Surge in cases of family violence


Stuff 3 March 2015 Women in relationships with men in white-collar jobs are flooding into Women’s Refuge in Timaru for help as the reporting of family violence surges. “While most of our clients are from across the board, we are now seeing a flood of women coming to us who are in relationships, or […]