Study reveals bad news for toking teens

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NZ Herald 18 June 2016 Family First Comment: The news is not so good when it comes to mental health. The research showed that teens who started smoking marijuana before 18 and who were diagnosed as being addicted to cannabis by 38 experienced a significant drop in IQ in early adulthood. The IQ drop was […]

Unrealistic safeguards

euthanasia - vulnerable people

Maxim Institute 13 June 2016 Family First Comment: New York State and Canada already show evidence that the terms ‘safeguards’ and ‘euthanasia’ are oxymorons “Safeguards.” It’s an official-sounding and soothing term often used by those in favour of euthanasia, to ease concerns about the effect of physician-assisted suicide on vulnerable communities. The literature and overseas […]

Watch This Swedish Reporter Expose Gender Ideology

gender - swedish YouTube

Watch the way this Swedish reporter sets up college students to defend transgenderism, while slowly destroying their argument piece by piece…

Study findings on domestic violent present ‘challenging picture’

domestic violence by woman 1

Stuff 16 June 2016 Family First Comment: ‘Challenging picture’? No, it’s simply about facing the facts on domestic violence. “The data did not fit the male-dominance model, which attributes aggression mostly to men, the researchers concluded. “[It] would suggest the need for policy that encourages development and evaluation of programmes to reduce physical abuse […]

Govt ignoring democracy on paid parental leave bill


NZ Herald 17 June 2016 Family First Comment: Not the first time that the National govt has ignored democracy. Remember 2009? Smacking Referendum? 87%? #selectivedemocracy Finance Minister Bill English is accused of “ignoring democracy” after he vetoed eight more weeks of paid parental leave despite broad Parliamentary and public support. Labour MP Sue Moroney’s bill, […]

Marlborough transgender student starts petition to change school’s bathroom rules

gender changing room

NewsTalk ZB 16 June 2016  Marlborough Girls’ College is undertaking a review after a transgender student began a petition over which bathrooms she could use. Stefani Muollo-Gray says she’s been told to either use the boys or unisex bathrooms after a teacher at the school questioned which toilet she used. She’s started a petition which […]

Kahui case 10 years on: ‘Nothing’s changed for abused kids’

kahui twins

TVNZ OneNews 16 June 2016 Family First Comment: He’s right…. “Mr Tamihere is calling for support and education programmes that specifically target families at risk. He says high profile child abuse cases are usually a symptom of dysfunctional family life that has become intergenerational. He says a tough approach is needed to break an entrenched […]

Marijuana, alcohol use may harm teens’ mental health, academic outcomes

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Medical News Today 14 June 2016 Family First Comment:  “Youth need to better understand the harms of marijuana use, such as the potential effect on their developing brain and how it can affect performance in both adolescence and adulthood.” – Elizabeth D’Amico, senior behavioral scientist at the RAND Corporation Middle and high school students who […]

Elder abuse soars as country’s vulnerable targeted

elder abuse posters 15 June 2016 Family First Comment: And legalising euthanasia in NZ would simply exacerbate the problem. Older New Zealanders are not a problem to be rid of — they’re a generation to be honoured and cared for. Elder Abuse has become a significant problem in New Zealand. We cannot ignore the possibility that dependent elderly […]

Congratulations – it’s a Ford Foetus

birth - Ford Foetus

Stuff 14 June 2016 Family First Comment: Nope – it’s a Holden Human, or a Lamborghini Life, or a Baby Benz It was just a normal checkup on his pregnant wife. But Reddit user Brewhaus3223 spotted something unusual with the ultrasound image, and it wasn’t until he zoom-zoomed into the picture that he noticed a familiar shape – his wife […]