The Next Three Years…

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The votes have been counted, the winners have celebrated, the negotiating is under way. But what are the family issues that are going to be on the agenda for the next three years. Here’s our prediction…. ISSUES LIKELY TO BE RAISED BY POLITICIANS * Drinking Age /Alcohol Harm – This will be back on the […]

BSA criticised for refusing name suppression

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Newstalk ZB 29 Nov 2011 The Broadcasting Standards Authority is being criticised for refusing name suppression to a complainant. It was in relation to a programme on the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra screened on Prime, which included references to sexual activity and bodily functions. The complainants asked for name suppression but were denied it. Family […]

Childcare kids spit the dummy

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Herald Sun 29 Nov 2011 Childcare kids have more temper tantrums and a worse dose of the “terrible twos” than other children, new Australian research shows. A study of more than 5000 toddlers has found behavioural problems equivalent to an 11-month developmental delay in children aged two and three who are in childcare for more […]

Domestic violence: Men or Women? – you be the judge

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From the NZ Crime and Safety Survey 2009 published by the Ministry of Justice last December, and which the NZ Herald quoted from… Table B11: Factors associated with the risk of confrontational crime by current partners in 2008         So that’s 40% male victims, 60% female victims Table B12: Factors associated with […]

Instead of drugs, children need a good dose of parenting


Frank Furedi – The Australian 26 Nov 2011 AS far as the American Academy of Pediatrics is concerned you can never drug children early enough. In their recently published guidelines they recommend that children as young as four can be treated with the psycho-stimulant drug Ritalin. These new guidelines issued by the academy at its […]

Preschoolers becoming addicted to M-rated video

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Herald Sun (Aust) 27 Nov 2011 Preschoolers are developing violent behaviour after being allowed to play M-rated video games. The shocking revelation comes as psychologists report a rise in calls about children who are addicted to computer games and the internet. The condition known as “pathological internet misuse” is growing so rapidly among Australian children […]

Father’s presence cuts delinquency rates

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Herald Sun 26 Nov 2011 TEENAGE boys without a father figure are more likely to go off the rails and turn to crime. But the chance of girls becoming delinquents was not affected by the absence of a dad or a stepdad, a study has found. The presence of a father figure can have a […]

Harmony at home key to beating depression

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Herald Sun 26 Nov 2011 Teenagers face a greater risk of developing depression if their parents bicker and show little affection or support for them. Studies by Melbourne University researchers have found that when it comes to predictors for clinical depression, families are as important as genetics and other factors. Professor of psychological sciences Nick […]

No such thing as “good polygamy”


MercatorNet 25 Nov 2011 Marriage and family advocacy groups have greeted with enthusiasm a Canadian court decision upholding the country’s ban on polygamy, published yesterday. British Columbia Supreme Court Chief Justice, Robert Bauman, has ruled that the government of Canada may continue to prohibit polygamy because, although the law does impinge on the right to […]

Strip club set to open doors in central city

Red Light District

Bay of Plenty Times 26 Nov 2011 A strip club offering risque burlesque dancing through to full-nude strip is set to open its doors in central Tauranga in the new year. But one family advocate groups says while adult entertainment can’t be stopped, the CBD is not the place for a strip club. Showgirls […]