Parents warned over international ‘baby farms’

ONE News August 20, 2011 New Zealanders desperate to create a baby are heading overseas and paying up to $100,000 to hire a womb, unaware that their children could end up stateless. It is illegal to pay for a surrogate mother in New Zealand, but in many countries the practice is not regulated. The baby […]

Telecom cancels no-sex campaign

Newstalk ZB 18/08/2011 Telecom has cancelled their Abstinence for the All Blacks campaign in the wake of a huge outcry. The news is being welcomed by groups like Family First. Director Bob McCoskrie says campaign was always destined to fail because it was corny and because it wasn’t family friendly. He says the All Blacks […]

Report: Cohabitation a threat to child welfare

The Washington Times August 17, 2011 Cohabiting is an emerging threat to the health of children and society, two new research reports say. In the latter half of the 20th century, “divorce posed the biggest threat to marriage in the United States,” sociology professor W. Bradford Wilcox and 17 other scholars said in a report released […]

Debate over warning labels on alcohol heats up

Sydney Morning Herald August 17, 2011 HEALTH warnings linking alcohol with dire outcomes such as brain damage and cancer have been backed by health groups but described as potentially ”alarming” by an industry-backed group. The fight over safety labels between the health sector and the multibillion-dollar liquor industry is warming up just as the federal […]

School breakfast clubs ‘feed the problem’

YahooNews August 12, 2011 Family First NZ is rejecting calls for more government funding for school breakfast clubs, warning that this will simply exacerbate the problem and ignore the underlying causes. “A child whose parents cannot even provide two pieces of toast in the morning or a bowl of porridge highlights a number of real […]

Britain’s liberal intelligentsia has smashed virtually every social valueBy Melanie Phillips

Daily Mail (UK) 11th August 2011 So now the chickens have well and truly come home terrifyingly to roost. The violent anarchy that has taken hold of British cities is the all-too-predictable outcome of a three-decade liberal experiment which tore up virtually every basic social value. The married two-parent family, educational meritocracy, punishment of criminals, […]

Political claptrap skirts real solutions to child abuse

Garth George – NZ Herald Aug 11, 2011 I had a bit of spare time earlier this week so I decided to browse through the Government’s Green Paper on Vulnerable Children – all 13,000-odd words of it. And having done so, I’ve come to the conclusion that it is just another way of making us […]

Child ‘beauty’ pageant could come to NZ

3 News 10 Aug 2011 It caused a furore in Melbourne, and now it seems American-style child beauty pageants are heading to New Zealand. The Texas-based organisers are considering bringing their pageant to Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, along with its star, six-year-old American beauty princess Eden Wood, star of TV show Toddlers and Tiaras. Wood […]

Children who use Facebook a lot are more likely to get lower marks at school, says new study

Daily Mail (UK) 9th August 2011 Teenagers who regularly log in to their Facebook page and other social media will get lower grades at school, according to a US study. They are also likely to have behavioural problems and narcissistic tendencies from spending too much time logged on to the site. According to the research […]

Schools fall to drugs

Dominion Post 13/08/2011 Drugs, including P, are increasingly available in schools, experts say, as official figures show a jump in the number of pupils being temporarily banned from school for drug reasons. Nationwide, there were 1591 stand-downs and 1166 suspension for drug-related reasons last year, details disclosed under the Official Information Act show. The figures […]