Divorce rates linked to teen sex

Herald Sun June 16, 2011 WOMEN who lose their virginity in their early teens are twice as likely to divorce their partners as those who wait until adulthood. According to a US study, 31 per cent of girls who had sex as under-16s divorced within five years of marriage. Almost half divorced within 10 years. […]

TV Watching Raises Risk of Diabetes, Heart Disease

June 14, 2011 (Health.com) No one ever claimed that watching TV was healthy, but doctors are only now discovering just how bad it can be. Evidence from a spate of recent studies suggests that the more TV you watch, the more likely you are to develop a host of health problems and to die at […]

Losing sleep over cursing

Herald on Sunday Jun 12, 2011 As tired parents everywhere know, there’s nothing funny about a child who won’t sleep – and Family First leader Bob McCoskrie wants to keep it that way. The head of the Christian-based lobby group is calling for a book called Go the F*** to Sleep to be banned before […]

Call to ban expletive-laden ‘kids’ book parody

TVNZ June 11, 2011 Anti-family violence campaigners are up-in-arms over the imminent release of an offensive parody of a children’s bedtime book. The book, entitled Go the F*** to Sleep by Adam Mansbach, looks and sounds like an ordinary kids’ book, but has swear words on every page. “The book features a father trying to […]

Preschool benefits last into adulthood – study

3 News 10 Jun 2011 Preschool has surprisingly enduring benefits lasting well into adulthood, according to one of the biggest, longest follow-up studies of its kind. Better jobs, less drug abuse and fewer arrests are among advantages found in the study that tracked more than 1,000 low-income, mostly black Chicago kids for up to 25 […]

Book makes plea for families

Dominion Post 10 June 2011 Sophie Elliott’s mother is calling for better support for murder victims’ families, revealing in her new book how she discovered her daughter was stabbed 216 times only after the evidence was presented in court. Lesley Elliott had to take long-service leave to attend the trial of Clayton Weatherston for Sophie’s […]

‘Child porn’ game sells fast under PG rating

NZ Herald Jun 10, 2011 A video game banned in parts of Europe because of claims it contains child pornography is selling out in New Zealand – with only a PG rating. The Nintendo 3DS game Dead or Alive: Dimensions went on sale in New Zealand last week. But within days, the chief censor called […]

Shocking world of our student drunks

NZ Herald Jun 10, 2011 Nearly a third of university drinkers have passed out while boozing in the past six months – and many say vomiting does not stop them continuing a binge. More than half said they had physically hurt themselves while intoxicated to that point, according to a shocking paper published today by […]

Alcohol reform unlikely before election

Stuff.co.nz 16/06/2011 The Government’s alcohol reforms may not pass before the election, with the select committee considering them deciding it needs more time. Alcohol reform is back in the spotlight since King’s College student David Gaynor, 17, died after being ejected from the school ball for allegedly being intoxicated. Prime Minister John Key said this […]

Ethnic label attached to child abuse

Sunday Star TimesĀ 12/06/2011 A survey showing half of New Zealanders believe the cause of child abuse is ethnically based has left a national expert in the field frustrated but not surprised. Research New Zealand, an independent New Zealand-owned research company, last month conducted a survey on how New Zealanders view the causes of child abuse, […]