Attitudes harden towards the lot of a working mother

Sydney Morning Herald October 11, 2010 Australians have become more conservative in their views on key gender issues since the 1990s, particularly on the role of working mothers, a study shows. People are much less inclined to believe a working mother can be as good a mother as one who stays at home full-time, for […]

Mums fear natural chldbirth new medical study shows

Herald Sun (Aust) October 12, 2010 Many well-off mothers-to-be think natural childbirth is undignified and distasteful, and want a caesarean for comfort and safety, a study shows. But they’re not just too posh to push, they’re also petrified. According to a survey of 210 women published in Midwifery journal, researchers found there was a “distrust […]

Desperate turn to sex work

North Shore Times 08/10/2010 Desperate young women who have turned to prostitution are among those seeking help from a North Shore beneficiaries service. At least four in their early 20s have become sex workers in recent months after struggling to find other work, Beneficiary Advocacy and Information Service senior advocate Pam Apera says. “We have […]

School boozing leads to risky uni sex

NZ Herald Oct 8, 2010 An Otago University professor wants a crack down on students binge drinking while at high school, after a survey found it can lead to heavy drinking and “hazardous and unwanted” sex at universities. The survey, of 2548 undergraduate students at five New Zealand universities, found those who drank the most […]

Child Commissioner recommends prohibiting purchase of sex (Aust)

ACL News (Australia) October 7th, 2010 The long-awaited report into the shocking case of a 12 year old Tasmanian girl, who fell through the cracks of the state’s child protection services and was prostituted to more than 100 men, was yesterday made public by the state’s Commissioner for Children, Paul Mason. The report not only […]

Failures recorded as demand soars for abortion pill

The Australian October 02, 2010 THE first failures of the abortion pill have been reported in Australia amid a surge in the take-up of RU486. Therapeutic Goods Administration data shows use of the controversial drug increased greatly in the second half of last year after a national chain of day clinics was licensed to use […]

Public urged to write prostitutes off the streets

Manukau Courier 07/10/2010 It’s time for residents to have their say on making their streets safer, cleaner and free of prostitutes. Deputy mayor Gary Troup and Papatoetoe Community Board chairman Stephen Grey are urging people to make submissions to Parliament on the Manukau City Council’s bill to regulate street prostitution. The bill had its first […]

More booze, more teen sex, no increase in safe sex practices

Herald Sun (Aust) October 06, 2010 An increase in risky alcohol consumption among Australia’s teens has led to more sex “under the influence” and more partners, but not more condom use. A survey of Australian year 10 and 12 students has shown a surge in sexual activity over the past decade, and while awareness of […]

Vote due on Central Otago brothels

NZ Herald Oct 6, 2010 A draft bylaw to create red-light districts in the Queenstown and Wanaka town centres goes to the vote today. The proposal follows a Queenstown Lakes District Council review of an existing bylaw that banned brothels in the popular resort towns, the Southland Times reported. The review found the ban could […]

Refuge’s claims about women ‘exaggerated’

NZ Herald Oct 5, 2010 The Advertising Standards Authority has labelled Women’s Refuge claims that a third of women live in fear as “exaggerated”. The body upheld two complaints about fundraising print and television advertisements that ran in July. In the newspaper version the Saatchi & Saatchi ads said: “One in three New Zealand women […]