Christchurch post-quake divorce figures soaring

divorce boy

Christchurch Press 23 July 2012 Christchurch couples are divorcing by the “bucketload”. Dissolution of marriage applications are flooding Christchurch’s Family Court and the registry support officer fears it may be only the first wave. Family Court registry support officer Judith Millar said the court was receiving at least five divorce applications a day and many […]

Teenagers ‘can be corrupted’ by Hollywood sex scenes

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Telegraph (UK) 18 July 2012 Watching sex scenes in Hollywood films can make children more promiscuous and sexually active from a younger age, a new study has suggested. Psychologists concluded that teenagers exposed to more sex on screen in popular films are likely to have sexual relations with more people and without using condoms. The […]

Adoption reform is not a big issue, says Key

gay adoption

3 News 22 July 2012 Prime Minister John Key isn’t ruling out reforms that would allow some same-sex couples to adopt, but he says it’s not the biggest issue facing the Government. During a closed-door session yesterday, delegates at the National Party’s annual conference in Auckland passed a remit, backed by the party’s youth wing, […]

UK Politicians call for ban on alcohol advertising


Mail Online (UK) 18 July 2012  Ministers should consider banning  television and cinema adverts that  promote alcohol to stop children from seeing them, claim MPs. They also want to investigate whether drink firms should be stopped from  sponsoring major sporting events such as football matches or the Olympics. MPs from the Health Select Committee said drinks […]

Most women say ‘I do’ to husband’s name

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The Age (Australia) 20 July 2012 Getting married any time soon? If you are a Victorian woman, chances are you’ll be changing your surname to your husband’s. Planning on having a baby? Chances are the child will take on dad’s name, too. For the first time, new research on last names has been collected – […]

A child is for life, not just for a few years

Conflict in family

Telegraph (UK) 16 July 2012 …As a doctor, I am sick of seeing the emotional fall-out of feuding parents, the children being innocent conduits for their bitterness and resentments. I accept that sometimes relationships don’t work out. People change. Their circumstances and their responses to them change, too. I also accept that it is far […]

Doting dads ‘make babies behave better’

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The Independent (UK) 19 July 2012 The level of engagement fathers have with their children in the first months of life may influence the development of behavioural problems later. Fathers who were more involved early on had children with fewer problems at 12 months, while those who were remote had children who were less stable […]

Call for raised drinking age gathers momentum


Christchurch Press 20 July 2012 Canterbury’s health bosses want the drinking age raised to 20 and the price of alcohol increased. The Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB) yesterday voted to support a South Island alcohol position statement that makes five main recommendations for reducing harm caused by alcohol. Christchurch police and health professionals have also […]

Tragic deaths show babies’ fragility

Morning 20 July 2012 They are tragedies that could have happened to any family. The deaths of three much-loved and well-cared-for Wellington babies have been made public by a coroner to illustrate how vulnerable infants are. All three suffocated in their sleep. Te Atirau Matehaere Hamiora Gerrard, 6 months, died while sleeping on his stomach, […]

Welfare reform bill passed into law


NZ Herald 19 July 2012 A controversial welfare bill designed to cut the number of young people on benefits and toughen work tests for sole parents has been passed into law amid bitter protest from Opposition members. The major reforms meant sole mothers would be required to enter the workforce earlier in their children’s lives, […]