Ban on naughty corner, easter egg hunts (Aust)

The Australian April 04, 2011 Childcare workers who send tantrum-throwing toddlers to “time out” risk hefty fines under national childcare laws to come into force next year. New regulations will expose childcare centres to penalties if children are required to take part in religious or cultural activities, such as Christmas tree decoration or Easter egg […]

“Heads in the sand”

ONE News 4 April 2011 ….Family First NZ has responded to recent crime figures, by saying that the level of criminal assaults being committed by primary school students is no surprise. It says statistics will just get worse, “especially when schools are pressured to accept and accommodate increasingly defiant and unacceptable behaviour by children.” “We […]

Crime shock: NZ’s little thugs

NZ Herald Apr 4, 2011 Criminal assaults by children of primary school age soared last year, and police were called to more than one case a week. Crime statistics show the number of children under 9 apprehended for assaults last year was 64, almost double the 33 recorded in 2009. Forty-four of the 64 were […]

Mums do best at showing love

Herald on Sunday Apr 3, 2011 Sibling rivalry is often said to be rooted in a fight for parental attention. But the roles could be reversed after new research revealed children are more likely to feel unconditional love from their mothers than their fathers. Otago University professor Amanda Barusch quizzed more than 1400 Kiwis aged […]

Maori children at highest risk of abuse but Asian kids safest

Michael Laws – Sunday Star Times 3 April 2011 A review of convictions by offender ethnicity against children, for the years 2006 to 2009, paints a grim picture. First, offences overall have more than doubled in four years – from 280 in 2006 to 575 in 2009. That may reflect changes in police policy but […]

Cleaning up the streets

Herald on Sunday Apr 3, 2011 The oldest profession is again in the spotlight as South Auckland businesses seek to rid the streets of prostitutes. It’s nearly midnight on Kolmar Rd, just off Great South Rd in Papatoetoe, a business centre in South Auckland known as Hunters Corner. Or Hookers’ Corner. Riia, 25, is at work. […]

Adolescents more at risk of death than children

Dominion Post 01/04/2011 Violence, car accidents and suicide are now the leading causes of adolescent deaths worldwide, trumping child mortality rates – and New Zealand teenagers are among those at risk. A United States study has shown that global death rates among males aged 15 to 24 are now three times higher than children, in […]

Australian tycoon suggests we stop at two kids

Herald Sun March 31, 2011 AUSSIE families should be limited to just two children to curb the population explosion, Dick Smith says. The controversial tycoon called for a Chinese-style quota, warning the burden on resources was like “a plague of locusts”. He compared high-rise apartments to chicken coops at a Sydney population debate yesterday. The […]

Facebook puts vulnerable children at risk of depression, warn doctors

Mail Online (UK) 29th March 2011 Teenagers can suffer from ‘Facebook depression’ after becoming obsessed with the social networking website, an influential group of doctors has warned. Being shunned on a social networking website can be more harmful than if a child is ignored by their friends in real-life, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. […]

US Pro-life laws work: study March 28, 2011 A new analysis of abortion data across all 50 U.S. states has found solid evidence that legislation intended to reduce abortion, such as parental involvement laws, is effective. Michael New, Ph.D., an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama, recently published the survey entitled “Analyzing the Effect of […]