Children risk death with choking game

Otago Daily Times 4 Dec 2010 The growing prevalence of the choking game in New Zealand schools has prompted the Ministry of Education to circulate a warning to parents and caregivers to be vigilant about the safety of their children during the summer holidays. The schoolyard game involves young people choking themselves or others to […]

Parents ‘put teens into sex work’

NZ Herald Dec 4, 2010  Teenagers in South Auckland are being sent to work as prostitutes by their parents to pay for drugs, says an Auckland Council member. Sharon Stewart challenged fellow councillors this week to see what was happening for themselves during debate on a bill banning street prostitution in parts of Manukau. Mrs […]

New Zealand Pro-Life Group Tags Prime Minister on Abortion 12/2/10 Family First New Zealand is disappointed by comments made by Prime Minister John Key on the web chat this week that there would be no changes to the parental notification laws on abortion. In response to a question as to whether the national government would address the position of girls having an […]

Crackdown on ‘commercialisation’ of childhood

The Telegraph (UK) 02 Dec 2010 The Coalition’s Equality Strategy promised to tackle “irresponsible” advertising, sexualised images and clothing that forces children to grow up too young. Child development experts have warned that children are under increasing pressure to mimic adult behaviour from relentless marketing campaigns and celebrity culture. Major retailers have been criticised for selling […]

IVF study casts light on role of parenting

NZ Herald Dec 3, 2010 A unique long-term study of “test-tube babies” has confirmed that parenting styles as well as genes have major effects on how children turn out. The study has found that angry and aggressive parents are more likely to have angry and aggressive children – even when the children have been conceived […]

Non-jail shaken baby sentence angers child advocates

Waikato Times 01/12/2010 A Cambridge man who severely injured his baby daughter by shaking her has avoided prison. The sentence has angered child advocates who say the country should be ashamed of its record of child abuse. Jacob Patrick Tatana, 21, was yesterday sentenced to three months’ home detention and 150 hours’ community work when […]

Parents ‘scared’ of seeking help

NZ City 29 November 2010 It’s claimed good parents are becoming paranoid about seeking help for fear of being accused of abuse. A district court judge and a former Health and Disability commissioner have both criticised Starship Hospital for the way they’ve dealt with recent cases of suspected abuse. Family First national director, Bob McCoskrie, […]

Calls for Starship child unit inquiry

Sunday Star Times 28/11/2010 Former Health and Disability Commissioner Robyn Stent is calling for an inquiry into practices at Starship hospital’s child protection unit after it wrongly accused parents of child abuse. Stent, whose stepdaughter was suspected of assault when the haematoma on her baby’s head developed as a result of a difficult birth, said […]

Sex trade to boom as Cup fans arrive

Herald on Sunday Nov 28, 2010 Brothel owners are predicting booming business during the World Cup as thousands of fans look to score off the field. And that demand is likely to fuel an influx of overseas prostitutes who will try to work here illegally. An estimated 85,000 rugby fans are expected to come to […]

Survey exposes fear of services

Wairarapa Times-Age 27th November 2010 A young mother who stitched her own injury at home to avoid losing her children if she went to hospital is just one of the stories a survey on Masterton’s social services has revealed. The report was commissioned by the Families Commission and involved phone interviews with 400 families from […]