Sex clinics treating more youngsters


Herald on Sunday 9 Oct 2011 STIs such as herpes, gonorrhea, genital warts, syphilis and chlamydia (the most common STI in teenagers) are on the rise. So are the numbers of young teenagers catching them. The figures make sobering reading. Last year, 134 New Zealand children aged 10 to 14 caught chlamydia. The figure leapt […]

Armed in the classroom


Herald on Sunday 9 Oct 2011 Teachers are trying to fathom why an increasing number of kids, some as young as 5, bring weapons to school. Teachers are allowed to search children for weapons and drugs, but many are nervous of doing this one-on-one. Children as young as 5 are among the alarming number of […]

No track kept of lost kids – CYF


Sunday Star Times 9 Oct 2011 Child, Youth and Family is under fire for not knowing how many of our most vulnerable children go missing under their watch. A Sunday Star-Times request for statistics on numerous child abuse issues – including how many children are hidden from CYF social workers – was rejected due to […]

Transsexuals win green light on birth certificates

gender neutral

The Age (Australia) 7 Oct 2011 A transsexual can be legally recognised as a man without a penis, according to the High Court. The court yesterday delivered a landmark judgment allowing the appeal of two transsexuals who wanted to change the sex recorded on their birth certificates from female to male. The two, aged 34 and […]

Lack of sleep is bringing down new mums

Tired mother

Herald Sun (Aust) 7 Oct 2011 New mothers who get less than six hours’ sleep a night face an increased risk of postnatal depression. Strong links between sleep deprivation and depressive symptoms in new mothers were found in a review of more than 100 international studies. A lack of sleep could make them feel sad, […]

Ministers in bid to block brothels

brothel 2

Ashburton Guardian 7 Oct 2011 An Ashburton bylaw that allows small-scale brothels in residential areas may be changed next year.A request from the Ashburton Ministers’ Association to the Ashburton District Council could see a loophole in its district plan changed to ensure a home occupation cannot include brothel keeping. The council’s operative district plan could […]

Study: Modern economies ‘rise and fall’ with nuclear families

marriage fertility economy

Washington Times 3 Oct 2011 If the wealth of a nation is tied to both the quality and the quantity of its people, then modern trends toward cohabiting instead of marrying, easy divorce and fewer children born to couples will have sweeping economic consequences, a new report says. The “long-term fortunes of the modern economy […]

Parent 1 Parent 2 appear on UK PC passport form


Mail Online 3 October 2011 For decades, passport applicants have been required to provide details of their mother and father. But now, after pressure from the gay lobby, they will be given the option of naming ‘parent 1’ and ‘parent 2’. The change, which is due to take place within weeks, has been made following […]

Parliamentary committee finds CYF complaints procedure lacking


National Radio 3 Oct 2011 A parliamentary committte is recommending a more independent panel to hear complaints against Child Youth and Family and closer monitoring of how those investigations are managed.

Sex workers get help to give up


The Age (Australia) 3 Oct 2011 RITA could never explain the large gap on her resume when she applied for jobs. She’d say she was a stay-at-home mother. But she’d really spent her adult life working as a prostitute to support three children. ”You can’t really tell them what you were doing,” she said. ”Otherwise, […]