NZ adoption laws ‘discriminatory’, tribunal rules

gay marriage mum

Newshub 9 March 2016 There’s a growing chorus to change adoption laws in New Zealand, with a Human Rights Review Tribunal ruling this week declaring the 60-year-old law “discriminatory”. A decision on the case taken by Adoption Action in 2013 was released this week, agreeing six areas of the Act from 1955 are contrary to […]

Girls Just Want to Be Born

baby girl

Public Discourse 8 March 2016 Family First Comment: Speaking of International Women’s Day, here’s the REAL issue……. The global pro-life movement will continue to speak out and defend the girl child. We must work to oppose all acts of gender based violence, protect women’s and girls’ lives, and seek consistent non-discriminatory life-affirming laws and policies. […]

Can you really be addicted to pornography?

pornography watching

NZ Herald 7 March 2016 Family First Comment: Yes, of course. Everyone knows that – especially the porn industry!! “In my practice as a clinical psychologist specialising in addiction, I see people for a range of substance problems. The most common non-substance behaviour that people seek my assistance with is pornography addiction, with many clients […]

Marijuana use disorder is common and often untreated

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National Institutes of Health 4 March 2016 Family First Comment: Busting the dope myths….. “…Marijuana use can lead to harmful consequences for individuals and society.” —George F. Koob, Ph.D., Director, NIAAA The new study found that past-year and lifetime marijuana use disorders were strongly and consistently associated with other substance use and mental health disorders.  […]

Doctors warn Australian children are being ‘medicalised’ and too many diagnosed with ADHD


Herald Sun 6 March 2016 Australian children are being “medicalised” as doctors warn too many people are being diagnosed with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Medical professionals say a growing number of Australians are misusing drugs linked to the condition. An editorial published in the Medical Journal of Australia says “children in particular are being ‘medicalised’,”. […]

Wellington High, Onslow College get gender-neutral bathrooms

gender toilet 2

Stuff 6 March 2016 For a transgender teenager, something as simple as going to the loo at school can be a huge stress. So two Wellington schools are leading a dunny revolution: fitting gender-neutral bathrooms for students who feel uncomfortable using ‘male’ or ‘female’ bathrooms. Wellington High School has transformed its level 4 boys’ bathroom into, well, just […]

Olympic star: Porn Addiction almost killed me

Nick Willis

Newstalk ZB 6 March 2016 A New Zealand Olympic medalist has revealed a pornography addiction – and is now speaking out about his two and a half years pornography-free. Nick Willis said he had struggled on “a rollercoaster ride of shame and justification” since he was a teenager. He said his pornography addiction was on […]

Chick-fil-A: Ditch your phone, get free ice cream

Family dinner hijacked 2 March 2016 Family First Comment: Brilliant idea. Bring it to New Zealand! Chick-fil-A wants you to put down your cellphone and enjoy a tech-free meal. The restaurant chain is offering customers in some 150 stores a “Cell Phone Coop,” a box for families to ditch their devices while they chow down on waffle […]

God versus Wicked

wicked campers 4 March 2016 Family First Comment: Front page of the Queenstown local rag. The nationwide campaign is getting traction! Holy war has been declared on Wicked Campers. Family First NZ boss Bob McCoskrie has slammed the rental vehicle company, telling Mountain Scene it’s a “mongrel organisation”. The Aucklander says the slogans and images on […]

Keep Easter Sunday as family day, MPs told

easter shop closed

Radio NZ 3 March 2016 MPs considering whether shops should be open on Easter Sunday have been told it should be kept as a day for family. Councils, industry organistion Hospitality New Zealand and family groups appeared before MPs today to give their views on whether councils should be able to decide if shops can […]