Government should increase paid leave for parents

parental leave campaigners

Christchurch Press Editorial 28 July 2015 For the second time Labour MP Sue Moroney has had a bill to extend paid parental leave to six months drawn from the ballot of private member’s bills.   The bill was  defeated as recently as last February,  when it was last before the House, on the votes of […]

Cannabis spray considered for public funding

marijuana - cannabis spray

NZ Herald 27 July 2015 A cannabis spray used to treat epilepsy, pain and multiple sclerosis will be considered for public funding next month. Pharmac, the agency responsible for deciding which medicines get subsidised, plans to discuss the Sativex spray with its primary clinical advisory committee, according to a letter from Pharmac released on Friday. […]

Kids using iPads at risk of chronic pain later in life

ipad children

NZ Herald 27 July 2015 Children who spend more than 30 minutes on their iPads in one sitting could be sowing the seeds for chronic neck and back pain later in life, experts have warned. Research suggests that hunching over electronic devices at a young age can entrench bad habits which will cause musculoskeletal issues […]

Euthanasia rates have not increased

Euthanasia - Free NZ

Scoop 25 July 2015 Media Release Euthanasia – Free New Zealand 24 July 2015 According to an anonymous survey published today, 16 New Zealand GPs have explicitly hastened a patient’s death by prescribing, supplying or administering drugs. That represents 4.5 % of 359 respondents. A similar survey, conducted in 2004, found that 5.6 % […]

World minimum marriage age: Chart shows the lowest age you can legally get married around the world


The Independent 26 July 2015 On Friday, the Spanish government announced it was to raise the marriage age from 14 to 16 to bring it into line with the rest of Europe. Estonia now has the lowest marriage age in Europe with teenagers able to get hitched at 15 with parental approval. Globally, the average […]

The Big Gay Marriage Lie


The Federalist 24 July 2015       It has become devastatingly clear that virtually the entirety of the gay-marriage activist effort was built on a lie. That lie, repeated ad nauseam, was this: gay marriage will affect nobody outside of the gays who wish to partake in it. This will become abundantly false as the Supreme Court-instituted […]

Labour’s paid parental bill back on table

parental leave 26 for babies

Radio NZ News 24 July 2015 The MP who has a paid parental leave bill back on the table for a second time, believes she now has the numbers to get it passed into law. Labour’s Sue Moroney has had her member’s bill – extending paid parental leave from 14 weeks to six months for […]

Most vulnerable toddlers not getting available help – study


3News 24 July 2015 Questions have been raised whether country’s support services are effectively targeting those most in need following the release of new research today. The Growing up in New Zealand study says only one in five families whose children could become vulnerable access social support in the child’s first 1000 days of life. […]

Dems declare war on words ‘husband,’ ‘wife’ (US)

banned child 6x4

Washington Examiner 24 July 2015  More than two dozen Democrats have proposed legislation that would eliminate the words “husband” and “wife” from federal law. Those “gendered terms” would be replaced by “gender-neutral” words like “spouse” or “married couple,” according to the bill from Rep. Lois Capps, D-Calif. “The Amend the Code for Marriage Equality Act […]

Hypocrisy: Britain must ban smacking to protect human rights, says United Nations


Britain must ban SMACKING to protect human rights, say United Nations experts from Uganda, Algeria and Egypt MailOnline 23 July 2015 UN human rights officials sparked fury tonight by telling parents they should not smack their children. A committee including representatives from Uganda, Algeria and Egypt said reasonable punishment laws were wrong and breached children’s […]