Busted: Gay ‘marriage’ study faked data

gay marriage liar liar

LifeSiteNews 21 May 2015 A December 2014 study alleged that homosexual activists, in a twenty-minute conversation, can change the minds of those who oppose redefining marriage.  Six months later, the data to support the study has been revealed as fraudulent, and the study itself has been retracted. Titled “When contact changes minds: An experiment on […]

Single motherhood tied to poorer health in later life

Stressed mother with child

Reuters 21 May 2015 Raising a child alone may take a lasting toll, leading to poorer health and more struggles with daily tasks after age 50, according to a new international study. Social safety nets and resources from extended families may blunt this effect in some countries more than others, and researchers found the association […]

Why being bullied is bad for your health


Stuff co.nz 22 May 2015 Victims of childhood bullying are more likely to be overweight or obese as adults and have a higher risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and other illnesses, according to a study by British psychiatrists. Researchers found that just over a quarter of women who were occasionally or frequently bullied as […]

So when is violence ok?

sue bradford meme 2

‘This is a want operation': Free sex change surgery idea rejected


OneNews 20 May 2015 http://tvnz.co.nz/seven-sharp/should-government-pay-sex-changes-video-6315883 A question posed to ONE News readers about whether sex change surgery should be made free in New Zealand has been met with a resounding no. “Never. ..time to operate on those who need it…This a want operation,” wrote ONE News reader Sean Parkinson. Many readers, including Debbie Booth, don’t […]

Euthanasia is not merciful

euthanasia - lethal injection

Sydney Morning Herald 20 May 2015 As a clinical psychologist, one of my roles when working with terminally ill individuals is to assist them to contain and tolerate their complex feelings of distress, fear, abandonment, helplessness and pain –physical and/or emotional. This is “true compassion” and empathy: accompanying someone during their unavoidable pain and suffering. […]

SHOCK! HORROR! Soccer star David Luiz will remain abstinent until marriage

David Luiz

The Independent 22 May 2015 David Luiz has revealed he remains a virgin and will wait until he is married before having sex. The former Chelsea defender revealed his stance on sex-before-marriage alongside a picture of his recent baptism, which was conducted in the indoor swimming pool of his PSG team-mate Maxwell. Alongside an image […]

Let terminally ill patients die at home – report

euthanasia - dying without dignity

The Independent 22 May 2015 Terminally ill patients must be granted the right to spend their last days at home, leading charities and a former health minister have said, in light of a harrowing report that lays bare the damage done by poor care at the end of life. The Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman’s […]

Top doctors call for drinking age to raise to 20

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NZ Herald 20 May 2015 Top New Zealand doctors are calling for the drinking age to be raised to 20 and booze sponsorship banned from public events in a push to reduce alcohol-related harm. The New Zealand Medical Association released its Reducing Alcohol-Related Harm policy briefing today. It recommends a raft of changes including hiking […]

Kids perform better at schools that ban phones, study says

texting in class

C/Net 18 May 2015 Have you ever wondered whether smartphones can make your kids smarter? Yes, they make them smarter at Snapchat and Candy Crush, but do they help them crunch a math problem with greater mental alacrity? One survey suggests not. Performed by the London School of Economics — an institution that didn’t kick […]