States that restrict abortion have lower maternal mortality rates: Mexican study

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LifeSiteNews 25 February 2015 An international team of medical researchers comparing maternal mortality rates and abortion laws in 32 Mexican states claims it has disproven the claim of abortion promoters that easy access to abortion will reduce maternal deaths. Comparing 14 states with constitutional protection for the unborn with 18 states with varying degrees of […]

Newstalk ZB: Bob McCoskrie on failure of MP’s to deal with street prostitution issue

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UK Parliament rejects ban on gendercide abortions

UK parliament

LifeSiteNews 24 February 2015 Britain’s House of Commons rejected a bill aiming to ban sex-selective abortion on Monday in a vote of 292-201. The lower chamber passed the bill at first reading on November 4, but yesterday lawmakers instead approved a measure calling for an inquiry into the prevalence of gender-based abortion in Wales, England, […]

Sue Moroney ‘disappointed’ paid parental bill voted down

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OneNews 26 February 2015 Labour MP Sue Moroney is disappointed her bill proposal for parental leave was defeated in Parliament last night. Parliament voted down Ms Moroney’s bill to extend paid leave to 26 weeks. Act leader David Seymour voted with the Government to reject the bill. “I’m naturally disappointed that after battling for three […]

Council told it has power to ban prostitution

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NZ Herald 25 February 2015 Banning prostitution from Auckland’s troublespots will not be a job for the Government. Instead, Auckland Council has been told it already has the power to pass a bylaw to address the problem. There had been interest in the law change because other cities, in particular Christchurch, were keen to have […]

Stacking the deck for political masters


Gisborne Herald 25 February 2015 Letter I’m a heterosexual married Kiwi male. I’m a Christian. I’m pro-life. I have children. On the political spectrum, I’m a classical Conservative. My business also sponsors events, and one of the organisations it supports is Family First. Yet in the Charities Commission’s opinion (in their upcoming attempt to de-register […]

YouTube Kids launches Child-friendly app

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Mirror 24 February 2015 Google has launched YouTube Kids, a free app for mobile phones and tablets that provides a safe environment for children to find videos. The app has been completely redesigned, with bigger images and icons to make it as simple as possible for under-13s. The sort of content available has been narrowed […]

Same-Sex Parenting: Unpacking the Social Science

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Public Discourse 24 February 2015 An important new collection of peer-reviewed scholarly papers entitled No Differences? How Children in Same-Sex Households Fare has just been released by the Witherspoon Institute. The papers included and summarized in the book all study the nexus between children’s well-being and the structure of the families in which they are […]

Family values – Who decides what is “public benefit”?

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Media Release: NZ Christian Network 25 February 2015 NZ Christian Network (NZCN) is encouraging people to support Family First in its upcoming High Court case with the Charities Commission. “People may hold widely different views on Family First. Not all leaders in the Network would agree with everything they say” said NZCN national director Glyn Carpenter. “But there are deeper, […]

If Love Is Love, Why Not Three Men ‘Marrying’?

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Charisma News 24 February 2015 If “love is love” and “everyone should have the right to marry the one they love,” then why can’t any number of people come together in “marriage”? On Valentine’s Day, three men in Thailand were “married,” and immediately, they became an Internet sensation. As reported on, when Joke, Bell […]