The pain of transgender regret

walt heyer

MercatorNet 9 October 2015 At the age of 42, Walt Heyer was married and had two children. But he had felt for years that he was stuck in the wrong gender. So he fully transitioned and emerged as Laura Jensen. After living as a woman for eight years, he realised that he had made a […]

Growing price of a ‘free’ education


NZ Herald 9 October 2015 Survey shows families struggling to keep up with schooling’s extra costs. Half of middle-income parents believe they don’t have enough money for their children’s schooling, as experts warn of the growing costs of modern education going unmet by the state. The survey, from an inaugural ASG Parents Report Card including […]

The Big Read: Return of the (porn) king Steve Crow

boobs on bikes 2

NZ Herald 7 October 2015 Pornographer Steve Crow was meant to be on the comeback trail. Instead, it turned out to be a dead end road. Just hours after the first Queen Street Boobs on Bikes parade in four years, Crow was told he would have to resign as a director of the company which […]

How California’s New Assisted Suicide Law Could Especially Hurt the Poor

EUTHANASIA heart attack

The Daily Signal 6 October 2015 “My concern is for people who don’t have resources, who don’t have a choice.” “You read about Oregon denying someone a lung transplant, but, ‘Here, you can you have these pills.’” “That’s my fear about what this would become.” That’s what Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, a Democrat who represents the […]

University alters bathroom policy after two reports of voyeurism

gender toilets

University of Toronto alters bathroom policy after two reports of voyeurism The Star 5 October 2015 The University of Toronto has decreased the number of gender-neutral bathrooms in one of its colleges after two women became victims of voyeurism when they were filmed while showering. Toronto Police Const. Victor Kwong said Monday that two women […]

Groundbreaking study links ‘assisted dying’ to an increase in suicide rates

EUTHANASIA suicide prevention assisted suicide cartoon

Media Release Euthanasia Free NZ 7 October 2015 Some advocates claim that the legalisation of physician-assisted suicide (PAS), also known by the euphemisms ‘assisted dying’ and ‘end of life choice’, could lead to a reduction in total suicides and delay suicides that do occur. Until recently these claims had not been tested by research. A […]

Childcare workers say some centres are like ‘factory farming children’


Stuff 7 October 2015 A quarter of early childhood teachers would not enrol their own children at their centres due to concerns about quality, a survey reveals. A ChildForum survey of more than 600 teachers, given exclusively to Stuff but due for official release on Wednesday, has some saying their centres are like “factory farming […]

Protest ahead of Boobs on Bikes parade

boobs on bikes porn harms

3News 7 October 2015 The organiser of Boobs on Bikes is defending the controversial parade, saying the annual event was originally meant to be a one-off to make a point. “It was created by me when two women got arrested for flashing their breasts and I thought about it and I thought that didn’t sound […]

NZ’s end-of-life care third best worldwide

euthanasia - care not killing

3News 7 October 2015 New Zealand’s end-of-life care is the third best in the world, according to a global study. The research, compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, ranked New Zealand behind only Britain and Australia when comparing the overall quality and availability of palliative care found in hospitals and hospices in 80 countries. New […]

Same-sex ‘marriage’ devastation spelt out

Ryan Anderson

NZ Catholic Newspaper 5 October 2015 Having same-sex marriage enshrined in law can have catastrophic consequences for the family as an institution, as well as for religious freedom. Leading American author and researcher on public policy on marriage, Ryan T. Anderson, gave this warning at the Family First Forum on August 24 at the Life […]