The touching photo that captured hearts

marriage - touching picture

NZ Herald 26 May 2015 A US Marine and his new wife captured hearts when their wedding photographer shared an image of the two of them praying together just moments before their wedding ceremony. The couple have revealed what was going through their minds during those emotional few minutes. US Marine Corps Corporal Caleb Earwood […]

Family presents Chester Borrows with abortion petition

abortion - Hillary Kieft

Stuff 26 May 2015 A mother whose teenage daughter attempted suicide after a secret abortion is asking the Government to change the law so underage girls won’t undergo terminations without their parents’ knowledge. Hillary Kieft, of Stratford, Taranaki, presented a petition calling for an amendment to the law to Whanganui MP Chester Borrows on […]

An inconvenient truth about the Irish marriage referendum

marriage - Irish same sex referendum

The Irish Times 25 May 2015 Seven hundred and thirty-four thousand, three hundred people did not vote No to love and equality. They are just as generous and inclusive as their neighbours who voted Yes, and just as fond of their gay relatives. In fact, some of them are gay themselves. That does not fit […]

Mindfulness – Treatment can trigger mania, depression and psychosis


MailOnline 22 May 2015 Meditation and mindfulness is promoted by celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow and Russell Brand, who boast of its power to help people put stress out of their minds and live for the moment. But the treatment can itself trigger mania, depression, hallucinations and psychosis, psychological studies in the UK and US have […]

Playing with nature: 65-year-old now mother of 17 with quads’ birth


NZ Herald 25 May 2015 65-year-old now mother of 17 with quads’ birth A 65-year-old German woman has given birth to quadruplets after undergoing an artificial insemination procedure in Ukraine. The woman, Annegret Raunigk, already has 13 children. The quadruplets – three boys and a girl – were born prematurely at 26 weeks in a […]

Germaine Greer slams Elton John because his husband David Furnish is named as ‘mother’

elton john 2

MailOnline 24 May 2015 Germaine Greer has criticised gay parents Elton John and David Furnish for listing a man as the mother on the birth certificates of their two sons. She said the move was an example of how the concept of motherhood has ‘been deconstructed’ – before going on to criticise the process of […]

Purity balls: Girls in the US making virginity pledges as fathers vow to ‘protect purity’

marriage dictionary wedding ring

The Independent 23 May 2015 A woman stands in a flowing white dress while a man holds her wearing a dark suit – the photo immediately appears like any portrait of a newly-married bride and groom. But it is of a young girl with her father, preparing to make an entirely different pledge: one of […]

Canadian jeweler threatened for opposing gay marriage — after providing service to gay weddings

canada 2 22 May 2015 Via Rod Dreher, who gleans this from the incident: “You must not only bake the cake, or arrange the flowers, or make the ring, you must hold the correct opinion when you do it.” A lesbian couple came into the jeweler’s shop looking for custom-made rings for their wedding. No problem, […]

CHURCH CONFUSION: CofE to consider transgender baptisms

Portrait of a baby with a curious expression!

The Guardian 21 May 2015 The Church of England is to debate plans to introduce a ceremony akin to a baptism to mark the new identities of Christians who undergo gender transition. The Rev Chris Newlands, the vicar of Lancaster Priory, has proposed a motion to the General Synod to debate the issue, after he […]

Born a boy, feeling like a girl: the journey of a transgender child

Gender Choice 2

Stuff 23 May 2015 “Whatever you write about me, please, don’t say, Marco was born a boy and now he’s a girl. I was always a girl, it just took some time to share it with the world”. We’re sitting around the kitchen table of a family’s home, mum and dad and two daughters, a […]