Euthanasia cases double in Belgium in just five years

euthanasia - lethal injection

MailOnline 5 February 2016 The number of people to die by euthanasia in Belgium has more than doubled in just five years, new figures have shown. More than 2,000 people died last year under the country’s euthanasia laws, which cover children as well as adults, and which allow people to be killed without giving consent. […]

Australian mother wants law to protect unborn babies

abortion - ultra sound 30 weeks

Stuff 4 February 2016    Days before Australian woman Sarah Milosevic was due to give birth to her daughter, a drunk driver crashed into her car and shattered her world. Her unborn baby, to be named Sophie, didn’t survive the crash. The driver responsible for the 2014 crash at Logan, south of Brisbane, was in […]

A donor-conceived woman speaks out

sperm donation

MercatorNet 3 February 2016 The Belgian advertising industry recently launched a campaign to support sperm donation. Award-winning men donated theirs to boost national creativity. As the child of an anonymous donor, what did you think of it? I found it an appalling campaign for many reasons. In the first place, their claim is pure nonsense. […]

Colorado teens biggest pot smokers

marijuana colorado youth v national feb 2016

Smart Colorado Newsletter 1 Feb 2016 Colorado now leads the nation in the percentage of its teenagers who have used pot within the last month. This bad news, provided in a January report from the Rocky Mountain High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area and based on data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, […]

50 Years of Sex Changes, Mental Disorders, and Too Many Suicides

walt heyer

Public Discourse 2 February 2016 Studies show that the majority of transgender people have other co-occurring, or comorbid, psychological disorders. A 2014 study found 62.7% of patients diagnosed with gender dysphoria had at least one co-occurring disorder, and 33% were found to have major depressive disorders, which are linked to suicide ideation. Another 2014 study […]

Is mindfulness making us ill?

mindfulness child

The Guardian 23 January 2016 ….A 1992 study by David Shapiro, a professor at the University of California, Irvine, found that 63% of the group studied, who had varying degrees of experience in meditation and had each tried mindfulness, had suffered at least one negative effect from meditation retreats, while 7% reported profoundly adverse effects […]

Gay activist backs bakers in gay cake appeal (UK)


MailOnline 2 February 2016 Veteran campaigner Peter Tatchell yesterday came out in support of a Christian bakery company which refused to sell a cake with a gay rights slogan. He said he had changed his mind about Ashers Bakery in Belfast, who were found to have broken anti-discrimination laws when they declined an order for […]

Long-Term Marijuana Use Tied to Worse Verbal Memory in Middle Age

MARIJUANA brain on drugs 2 February 2016 As marijuana becomes more accessible to young and old alike in the U.S., researchers warn that long-term use of the drug may cause lasting harm to at least one type of brain function. A new study based on following thousands of young adults into middle age finds that long-term marijuana use […]

UPDATED: Mindfulness in Schools


We’ve been contacted by a number of parents concerned about a new programme called ‘Mindfulness’ which is being trialled in a number of schools around NZ. You can read more about the concerns expressed about the programme HERE (Investigate) and HERE (Southland Times) and HERE “The Messy Truth about Mindfulness“. To be fair, there are […]

Legalising euthanasia and protecting the most vulnerable ‘impossible’

Holding Hands with Elderly Patient --- Image by © Wernher Krutein/Corbis

Stuff 2 February 2016 When I picture the woman who will be most affected by legalising euthanasia I don’t see an attractive 30 or 40-something mother with an unusual form of cancer, even though they seem to be the ones who get all the media coverage. I see a little 90-year-old woman who’s lost […]