School asks children, 3, to promise not to use ‘transphobic language’

Baby Expressions

MailOnline 24 April 2015 Parents have labelled the document sent out by Turnham Primary School, in London, as ‘bonkers’ – questioning how they explain transphobic to children ‘barely able to hold a crayon’. Children as young as three are being asked to sign a contract pledging not to use transphobic language at school. The pledge is […]

How euthanasia changed Holland

euthanasia - book cover

IMFCanada 23 April 2015 Gerbert Van Loenen, a Dutch journalist, once saw Holland’s legalization of euthanasia as one of that country’s crowning achievements. This started to change when a friend insisted that Van Loenen’s partner Niek would have been better off dead than living with a brain injury. Another acquaintance said to Neik over dinner […]

Groups to participate in euthanasia hearing

euthanasia - care not killing

3News 25 April 2015 Groups for and against euthanasia have won the right to participate in the hearing of a 42-year-old woman wanting to die. Lecretia Seales, a lawyer who has terminal brain cancer, is asking the High Court at Wellington for a declaratory judgment that would protect her GP from prosecution if, and when, […]

In Perspective: Very Few Nations have Redefined Marriage

gay marriage world trend

Public Discourse 21 April 2015 Fewer than 9 percent of the countries belonging to the United Nations have redefined marriage to include same-sex relationships—and only one of those did so via its judiciary. A judicial redefinition of marriage would make the United States an extreme outlier on the global stage. Very Few Nations have Redefined […]

Dangerous new strain of cannabis wrecks lives of South African teens

marijuana - swazi gold

MailOnline 22 April 2015 The potent strain of cannabis is grown in Swaziland, one of South Africa’s poorest states, and is often mixed with heroin to produce a highly addictive drug known as nyope. It’s the most widely used illegal drug in the world, but does cannabis deserve its reputation as being one of the […]

When support for gay marriage gets ugly


The Week 21 April 2015 When a school learns that one of its alums has achieved great things, the institution will usually seek to promote those accomplishments. But there are exceptions. If it’s discovered, for example, that the former student also happens to be a member of the Ku Klux Klan, or a neo-Nazi, or […]

Christchurch brothels more violent than Auckland, researchers say

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Stuff 22 April 2015 Christchurch brothel and escort workers are more likely to experience violence than their Auckland counterparts, researchers say. University of Canterbury economics and finance senior lecturer Dr Laura Meriluoto, with a team of researchers, analysed survey data on sex workers and found Christchurch brothel workers were more likely to be harmed than […]

Are you living next to a brothel?


Stuff 22 April 2015 Marlborough residents could be living next door to a brothel without knowing it. An investigation revealed no official means to find out if brothels operated in Marlborough, and where they were. The Marlborough District Council does not have any bylaws dealing with prostitution or brothels. In 2003, brothels in New Zealand […]

Euthanasia would have ‘far-reaching impacts’


NZ Herald 21 April 2015 A group opposed to euthanasia says allowing terminally ill woman Lecretia Seales to take a lethal dose of drugs would have far-reaching impacts on New Zealand society. Ms Seales, 42, is dying from brain cancer and says she has a right to end her life with medical assistance before her […]

Tonga to ban same sex marriage for CEDAW

Tongan flag

RadioNZ 21 April 2015 Over a month ago when the cabinet announced it would ratify Convention on the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination on Women, it was greeted with anger from some community and church leaders. They expressed concern it would lead to same sex marriage and abortions in the country as CEDAW refers […]