This dad calculated that stay-at-home mums should earn $98,000 a year

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Stuff 8 April 2015 Stay-at-home parenting has always been notoriously underappreciated work, but how much? Well, an American dude has put it in terms everyone – even lazy dads – can understand: cold, hard cash. Steven Nelms of Houston – noticing the ridiculous amounts of work his wife Glory undertook in the service of […]

Cohabitation may be hazardous to your health

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MercatorNet 13 April 2015 The American College of Pediatricians recently published a paper, Cohabitation, which cautions adolescents and young adults about the negative consequences of cohabitation for both themselves and their children, and urges parents to teach their children about the advantages of waiting until marriage. More young people are now first cohabiting than are […]

Ryan Anderson – A fresh voice on same-sex marriage

Ryan Anderson

Washington Post 15 April 2015 Another day, another town. Ryan T. Anderson, the conservative movement’s fresh-faced, millennial, Ivy League-educated spokesman against same-sex marriage, has another busy schedule. There is an interview with conservative talk radio, a debate with a liberal professor at the University of Colorado’s law school and, after that, a lecture to Catholic […]

Outlawing Psychotherapy For Trans-Kids Will Not Prevent Suicides

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The Federalist 16 April 2015 Psychologically healthy people do not commit suicide. Changing genders is an outward expression of some form of depression that started long before the suicide. Studies have shown conclusively that suicide is the result of mental illness and untreated depression, but the elite who push for gender change ignore the evidence. […]

Mum ‘already received life sentence’ – Family First

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NZ Herald 17 April 2015 The mother of a Whanganui toddler who died after allegedly being accidentally left in a car on a hot summer’s day has been charged with manslaughter. The woman appeared in the Whanganui District Court yesterday but her name, and that of her husband, and all the details of the hearing […]

Hospice NZ – Our Opinion on Euthanasia

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Hospice NZ April 2015 With the right palliative care a person with a life limiting condition can live a good quality of life with their dignity maintained and symptoms managed. Assisted dying is a complex subject that raises challenging ethical questions for hospice care. Hospice New Zealand recognises that across society there is a range […]

Same-Sex Marriage Isn’t Good for Kids

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Public Discourse 14 April 2015 Dear Justice Kennedy, Earlier this year I wrote you a letter, “Dear Justice Kennedy: An Open Letter from the Child of a Loving Gay Parent.” My letter has now been quoted (and criticized) by the Family Equality Coalition (FEC) and COLAGE (Children of Lesbian and Gays) in the amicus brief […]

Meet man who lives with 2 girlfriends, plus more

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Stuff 14 April 2015 Adam Lyons is one guy who definitely doesn’t agree with the old adage “three’s a crowd”. For the UK-born dating coach lives happily with his two girlfriends – and two children – in their LA home. Lyons, 34, and his partners Brooke Shedd, 26, and Jane Shalakhova, 25, even share […]

Government rules out compulsory vaccinations for benefit families

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3News 13 April 2015 The Government has ruled out revisiting a proposal to penalise families who fail to immunise their children. It comes as Australia announces plans to stop taxpayer-funded childcare or benefits to those who choose not to vaccinate. Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has given people an injection of tough love. From January, […]

Fresh surrogacy concerns after Australian parents abandon baby


Stuff 14 April 2015 Australian officials could do almost nothing to stop Australian parents from abandoning their baby son, born through surrogacy in India, after the couple decided they did not want to bring him to Australia. In documents that raise fresh concerns over overseas surrogacy arrangements, government cables and emails show that Department […]