74% of Belgian mental suffering euthanised were women


Scoop.co.nz 29 August 2016 Family First Comment: “The Dutch and Belgian societies are turning their backs on mentally-ill women, and are quite happy for them to die out of hand. Assurances of informed choice and stringent safeguards to laws for euthanasia or assisted suicide in NZ are as hollow here as they are elsewhere.” They’re […]

EXCELLENT – Queensland abortion bill rejected

ABORTION baby raised up in hands

Queensland rejects bill to decriminalise abortion Stuff co.nz 30 August 2016 Family First Comment: Great decision. And NZ will do likewise. But it’s amusing reading the bias of the reporter. #chooselife #prowomen  After 1400 submission, scores of expert appearances and public hearings, Queensland’s Parliamentary inquiry into abortion law reform has rejected a bill to decriminalise […]

Why ‘polyamory’ is becoming popular – Media pushes the agenda

polyamory - 2 wives

Three isn’t a crowd as polyamory gets popular Stuff co.nz 30 August 2016 Family First Comment: Yep – as predicted. And typical that stuffed.co.nz is helping push the narrative.  There’s another sexual revolution coming, a hip new bedroom trend the early adopters are just loving. Keep your pants on, it’s time to talk about polyamory. […]

Boys in girls cabins at school camp – but parents not told (US)

camp bunk room

LifeSiteNews 25 August 2016 Family First Comment: This is quite disturbing – but quite possible in NZ also. As one commentator said regarding the people advocating these crazy policies – “they’re talking about things that are really crazy in a normal tone of voice, as if anyone who disagrees is the true nutcase bigot.” A […]

Ministry sounds warning as thousands skip school for family holidays


NZ Herald 29 August 2016 More than 23,000 school students are taken out of class for a family holiday each school term, new figures reveal. Officials warn that while many parents believe holidays can be educational they can cause gaps in students’ learning that aren’t easily detected or filled. Parents have been fined in the […]

Australian woman rebuilds her life after mother forced her to work as a prostitute

prostitute 2

Stuff co.nz 26 August 2016 Family First Comment: The sad reality of prostitution – irrespective of the age…. “Lauren agreed to having sex for money – she wanted to get her mum out of financial trouble. But now, aged 23, she realises she was a vulnerable child and she is still paying the price and […]

Lifelike baby dolls actually RAISE pregnancy rates

baby lifelike dolls

Daily Mail 26 August 2016 Family First Comment: Moral of the story: Let teenagers focus on what they should be focusing on at their age – and promote making good decisions and delaying sexual activity. Throwing condoms and pretend-babies at teens is failing! Big time. Lifelike baby dolls designed to deter teenage girls from having children […]

Councils can now allow Easter Sunday trading

easter egg barcode

NZ Herald 25 August 2016 Family First Comment: Good Friday and Christmas Day will be next. Very sad.  It’s now over to councils to decide whether shops can open on Easter Sunday after controversial legislation passed into law amidst heated debate. That is despite public calls from New Zealand sporting greats David Tua and Michael […]

Candidate Donates $1000 to Family First after Sword Incident

David Rankin

Scoop 25 August 2016 Following the incident on Monday this week, when Auckland Council candidate David Rankin and supporter Dr Don Brash were approached by a sword-wielding man with mental health problems who was later apprehended by Police, Mr Rankin has donated $1000 to Family First, as a gesture of support for safer families in […]

Woman sues after botched termination leads to motherhood

abortion ultrasound scan

Stuff co.nz 25 August 2016 Family First Comment:  How very sad. “The woman is also seeking an unspecified amount for pain and suffering she has experienced, including depression and psychological trauma.” I think it may be the son who grows up and reads this article that will suffer far far more. But I’m sure he […]