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WARNING: The Material in this Submission may offend you. Reader discretion advised. Not suitable for children or young people. 22 September 2015   Film and Literature Board of Review c/- The Secretary for Internal Affairs Department of Internal Affairs P.O.Box 805 Wellington 6140.   Into the River – by Ted Dawes SUBMISSION TO THE FILM AND […]

Censor Criticised Over Approach to Explicit Book

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Media Release 30 Sep 2015 Family First NZ has made an additional submission regarding the re-classification of Into the River by Ted Dawe, and says that parents should be concerned by the arguments being put forward by the Chief Censor to justify making objectionable books with highly offensive language and explicit sexual content freely available […]

Family Group Applies for R14 on Explicit Book

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Media Release 27 September 2015 Family First has applied to have the classification of Into the River by Ted Dawes upheld at R14 before it is put back on shelves. They have also asked for an investigation in to the decision by the deputy chief censor to remove the previous classification made by the Board […]

Report Backs Call for Independent CYF Watchdog

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Media Release 24 Sep 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming the panel’s interim report on Child, Youth and Family which agrees with our concerns that there is no fully independent watchdog to hold them to account. The report says that there is “no independent voice or agency of sufficient size and capability to speak for […]

Memo to all School Principals re InsideOut

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Family First has written to all intermediate and high school principals regarding a programme disguised as an anti-bullying programme but which is actually pushing a sexuality and gender agenda. We’ve already had fantastic feedback from many principals who are also concerned about the agenda driving these programmes, and the fact that it is pushed by the […]

PARENT ALERT: Bullying in School Programmes Victim of Sexual Agenda

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We want to warn parents about a new sexuality programme which is being pushed under the banner of ‘anti-bullying’. The programme ‘Inside Out’ is funded by the Government, overseen by RainbowYouth, and aimed at children as young as year 7 (11 years and up). State broadcaster TVNZ has done a massive sales pitch for the programme with […]

Family Group Welcomes Demise of ZOO Magazine


Media Release 18 September 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming the demise of ZOO magazine and gives some of the credit to groups in both Australia and here in NZ who spoke up and highlighted the misogynistic and harmful messages which were being normalised in the publication and other similar publications. “The messaging in the […]

Launch of to Oppose Euthanasia


Media Release 17 Sep 2015 Family First NZ has launched a website dedicated to helping families oppose euthanasia and assisted suicide, and to help them make a submission to the inquiry being carried out by Parliament’s Health Committee. “Yet another push to legalise euthanasia and assisted suicide is currently underway in New Zealand. This resource […]

Govt Undervalues Parenting With Veto Threat

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Media Release 17 Sep 2015 Family First NZ is calling on the government to value parenting and the important role of mothers and fathers during the early years of our children and not threaten a veto on the paid parental leave bill. “Successive governments have undervalued mothers and the vital role of parents as they […]

We won’t “chill out” opposing misogynistic messages

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Media Release 15 Sep 2015 WARNING: Contains offensive material Family First NZ is labelling calls for the group to ‘chill out’ about the messaging in ZOO magazine as flippant and brainless, and says that it will continue to oppose any messaging that promotes sexual violence, objectification of women, and teaches boys to be predatory. “ZOO […]