A Politically Correct Christmas Greeting

Christmas politically correct 2

THANK YOU!! We’ve been blown away by the generosity of families throughout NZ who want to ensure Family First has influence and a strong voice in 2016. We know it’s getting really busy at this time of year, but if you were intending to respond, then it’s not too late! You can donate securely on our […]

‘Idiotic’ Bail For Pedophile To Be Appealed


Media Release 19 Dec 2015 Family First NZ is labelling a decision by Judge Anna Johns to bail a pedophile back to his home right next door to the victim’s home as idiotic, traumatic for the family and victim, and exposes flaws in our bail laws that even allow this to happen. “A situation like […]

Flag Referendum Less Credible Than Smacking Referendum

referendums being ignored

Media Release 11 December 2015 Family First NZ, one of the promoters of the anti-smacking law referendum, says that the low turnout on the flag referendum shows that it has less relevance and credibility than the 2009 Citizens Initiated Referendum on smacking, and is calling for CIR’s to be binding. “Almost 1.7 million voters (56%) […]

Open Letter To Don Mathieson QC

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1 December 2015 Dr Don Mathieson QC Film and Literature Board of Review President (retiring) Dear Dr Mathieson We note with regret that you have not been reappointed as President of the Film and Literature Board of Review. On behalf of many NZ families, we want to thank you for being a voice of reason […]

Give a Christmas Gift to Family First

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We are very grateful for your support and encouragement. We have a special request at this time. If you appreciate our common sense approach to the many family and political issues in the media and public domain and would like to further support the work of Family First, would you consider making a Christmas Gift so […]

Sentencing Of Predatory Teacher Welcomed


Media Release 27 November 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming the sentencing of teacher Stacey Reriti to more than 10 years in jail for sexually violating and manipulating a 10-year old pupil at her school, but is also calling for rape laws to be updated.  “Parents place great trust in the teachers’ profession and depend […]

Chris Brown Nowhere Near A Role Model Yet

chris brown

Media Release 25 Nov 2015 Family First NZ is calling on Immigration NZ to reject a working visa for Chris Brown, and are rejecting claims by some Maori woman leaders that Chris Brown is ‘someone who young people can relate to’ and that he ‘atoned’ for what he did. “This is simply wishful thinking and […]

The Search Is On – Married 70-Plus Years

marriage 70th anniversary

Media Release 21 November 2015 Family First NZ has been inundated with nominations for the longest living married couple in New Zealand, launched earlier this week.  “Most of the nominations have varied between 50-plus years and the 70-plus age range. It looks like the title will ultimately go to a couple who are in the […]

Search Is On For Longest Married NZ Couple

marriage elderly

Media Release 19 Nov 2015 Family First NZ has launched the inaugural annual search for the Longest Married Couple in New Zealand Nominations will be taken until 15 January 2016 with the winners named on 14 February 2016 (Valentine’s Day) to coincide with National Marriage Week. “This is an opportunity to promote marriage and honour […]

Parent Applauded for Rejecting Sex Ed Programme

sex education no thanks

Media Release 19 Nov 2015 Family First NZ says that a mother who withdrew her 9-year-old from a sex ed class run by Family Planning should be applauded, and that many more parents would take the same action if they were aware of what is being taught through programmes such as the Sexuality Road programme. […]