Court Undermines Values and Principles of Schools

court judgement

Media Release 27 June 2014 Family First is slamming a decision by the High Court to overturn a St John’s College school decision to set a hair standard, labelling it as disrespectful and setting a dangerous precedent. “Schools are working hard to instill values, discipline and respect in their students and they should be allowed […]

High Rate of STIs Outcome of ‘Safe Sex’ Myth

depressed teenager

Media Release 26 June 2014 Family First NZ says that “staggeringly high” rates of chlamydia reported among New Zealand teenage girls is proof that young people are being left misinformed and with a false sense of security. It also points to the failure of the free Emergency Contraception Pill schemes to young people and the […]

NZ Post Book Award Gets It Right For Families

Family looking photo album

Media Release 24 June 2014 Family First is congratulating organisers and judges of the New Zealand Post Margaret Mahy Book of the Year for children and young adults for awarding books this year that were suitable and not offensive. Last year, the family group called on NZ Post to withdraw their support and the award […]

Abortion Rate Drops As Fetal Knowledge Increases

ABORTION couple with scan

Media Release 18 June 2014 Family First NZ is welcoming the drop in abortions to the lowest number since 1995, and says that the rate will continue to drop as knowledge of the prenatal development of the unborn child increases, and as an increasingly pro-life younger generation become parents themselves. “The ‘bunch of cells’ argument […]

People’s Report Shows Need For CYF Inquiry

child abuse glenn report

Media Release 16 June 2014 Family First NZ is repeating its call for an official inquiry in to the policies, procedures and the resourcing of CYF following the release of the Glenn Inquiry “People’s Report”. The Glenn Report highlights shortfalls including: the general view that CYF staff generally lacked consistency, professionalism, and some were judgmental, […]

The documentary politicians won’t want you to watch

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In the meantime, watch our first documentary

Mounting Calls for CYF Inquiry

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Media Release 10 June 2014 Family First NZ is repeating its call for an official inquiry in to the policies, procedures and the resourcing of CYF following an admission by CYF that they’re not coping, and increasing media coverage about the lack of support for caregivers. “If CYF was a family, it would have had state […]

Google Ban on Porn Ads Welcomed

google thank you

Media Release 10 June 2014 Family First NZ is welcoming a decision by Google to no longer accept pornography as well as all ads that link to sexually explicit websites. Google have also agreed to stop offering sexually explicit apps in their phone app store, Google Play. In a letter sent to advertisers this week, […]

Safeguards on Abortion Protect Women & Children

ABORTION mothers choose life

Media Release 6 June 2014 Family First NZ is rejecting the Green party’s call for the decriminalisation of abortion and says that the existing safeguards are there to protect women and children. “If the Greens are really concerned about women, and if they’re really concerned about children as they pretend to be, they should be […]

Don’t Let New Zealand Go To Pot, Laila

internet party

Media Release 5 June 2014 Family First NZ is rejecting calls by the Internet party leader Laila Harre to decriminalise marijuana, and says that decriminalising marijuana is the wrong path if we care about public health and public safety, and about our young people. “It is ironic that at the same time as we ban […]