Phone App for Families to Contact Politicians

have your say web version

Media Release 2 February 2015 Family First NZ has launched a phone app designed to put the power back in to the hands of families, and to help them be online political activists for family issues in NZ. The free Have Your Say phone app enables users to communicate with Members of Parliament by email […]

Gender Agenda In Schools Needs To Be Rejected

gender boy girl

Media Release 10 January 2015 Family First NZ is rejecting calls for “gender” issues to be taught in schools and says that students with gender dissatisfaction should be treated and cared for on a case-by-case basis by families in conjunction with professionals and the school. “A child’s gender at birth is an objective biological reality, […]

Increased Abuse of Parents A Predicted Outcome

aggressive child

Media Release 18 Dec 2014 Family First NZ says that the increasing level of parental abuse, especially towards mothers, is an unfortunate but expected outcome of the rise of children’s ‘rights’ and the undermining of parental authority. “This was a predicted outcome of the anti-smacking law and comes as no surprise to us. The authority […]

Ban On Alcohol Advertising Just One Step

alcohol sports

Media Release 17 Dec 2014 Family First NZ says that a proposed ban on alcohol advertising at sports events as recommended by a ministerial forum is an important move, but will not solve the binge drinking and alcohol abuse issue on its own. “The binge drinking culture has been increasing markedly since liberalising laws and controls around […]

Make a Christmas Investment so we can fight!

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When a charitable group who promotes the natural family as a fundamental social unit is deemed of “no public benefit”, you know a country is in deep trouble. It’s not only our views they’re trying to muzzle – it’s your views also. Apparently, the importance of a mum and a dad and the creation of children is a […]

TV Standards Board Seen As Irrelevant, Ineffective

tv rubbish

Media Release 11 Dec 2014 Family First NZ says that the Broadcasting Standards Authority’s 2014 Report reveals that less and less families are bothering to make a complaint despite increasing concerns about broadcasting standards, and that very few complaints are upheld. “The Broadcasting Standards Authority tries to argue that their standards are reflecting community standards […]

Charities Commission Still Targeting Family First

charities commission logo

Media Release 8 Dec 2014 Family First NZ has received notification that the Charities Commission intends to continue its attempts to deregister the charity despite the recent Greenpeace decision, with Family First’s traditional view of marriage being one man and one woman as one of the key reasons for the deregistration. “When a group who […]

Politicians Put Prostitution Harm in ‘Too Hard Basket’

head in the sand

Media Release 5 Dec 2014 Family First NZ says that politicians are living in ‘la-la land’ when it comes to the concerns of families regarding the ongoing harms of street prostitution and residential brothels. “The politicians have shown a complete lack of moral conviction and kicked the bill to control street prostitution ‘to touch’. They […]

Family Violence Report on Gender Bias Welcomed

domestic violence by woman

Media Release 26 Nov 2014 Family First NZ is welcoming a report which says that blaming men for domestic violence is ‘gender bias’. “It is time that the focus on family violence was on drugs, alcohol, and family instability rather than the one-eyed approach of men as perpetrators and women and children as victims. The […]

The Warehouse & Noel Leeming Praised for Principled Stand

the warehouse noel leeming

Media Release 24 Nov 2014 Family First NZ is congratulating The Warehouse and Noel Leeming for reinforcing their ‘family-friendly values’ by removing R18 games and DVD’s from its shelves, and is calling on other retailers including JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Dick Smith to do likewise. “This is a principled move and shows that these […]