World Congress of Families IX Declaration

wcf 2015

World Congress of Families 4 November 2015 We, the delegates attending World Congress of Families IX, held in Salt Lake City, Utah, concluding this 30th of October 2015, reaffirm Article 16 section 3 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which states, “The family is the natural and fundamental group unit of society […]

National MPs Forced to Vote Against Conscience?


Media Release 5 Nov 2015 Family First NZ is concerned that National party politicians are being ‘whipped’ on moral issues that have traditionally been conscience votes – and this has been confirmed with the latest vote on Easter trading. Family First has released a list of National MPs who appear to be voting against their conscience on […]

Declining Interest for Same-Sex ‘Marriage’


Media Release 4 Nov 2015 Two years on from the definition of marriage being politically manipulated, statistics released today show that the demand for same-sex marriages by New Zealand residents has decreased by over 10% between the first full 12-month period and the second 12-month period (504 to 450) since the law was changed, while […]

PROTECT! Do It Today – Make a Submission with our easy how-to guide

euthanasia - vulnerable people

They say that euthanasia is about ‘choice’, ‘human rights’, and ‘autonomy’. But what about the choice and rights and protection and human dignity of the victims of a euthanasia law. To legalise assisted suicide (euthanasia) would place large numbers of vulnerable people at risk – in particular those who are depressed, elderly, sick, disabled, those experiencing chronic […]

Education and Full Disclosure Keys for Reducing Obesity

obesity mother shopping

Media Release 20 Oct 2015 Family First NZ says that education for families around food quantities and quality, and full and accurate disclosure of sugar and fat content by food manfacturers are the keys to reducing obesity levels in New Zealand. “Families and especially parents should be given clear information of just how much sugar […]

Another International Hotel Chain Bans Porn


Media Release 15 October 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming news that the Hyatt hotel chain is removing in-room, on-demand porn, following on from a similar decision by Hilton Hotels & Resorts to change its policies to remove all on-demand pornographic videos from all of its properties worldwide. This will include Auckland’s Hyatt Regency Hotel.  […]

Flip-Flop Decision on Explicit Book Sets Dangerous Precedent

offensive book 2

Media Release 14 Oct 2015 Family First NZ is disappointed that the Film and Literature Board of Review has kowtowed to pressure from the book industry and removed any restriction on Into the River by Ted Dawes despite its highly offensive and gratuitous language, adult themes and graphic sexual content. This contradicts their own previous […]

Euthanasia Bill Pre-Empts Important National Conversation

David Seymour

Media Release 14 October 2015 Family First NZ says that a private members bill by ACT MP David Seymour on euthanasia is premature, and pre-empts an important national conversation that is just getting under way regarding assisted suicide and the ending of one’s life. “David Seymour should wait for the Inquiry that he supported to […]

Call for Caution On Medicinal Marijuana Laws

marijuana medicinal doctor cartoon

Media Release 13 October 2015 Family First NZ is calling for politicians to reject knee-jerk law changes to medicinal marijuana, and wants them to comprehend the concerns around the real agenda behind liberalising drug laws and also the abuse of medicinal marijuana. However, Family First is supporting further quality research into the components of the […]

FAMILY MATTERS – The Harms of Pornography: Bob McCoskrie v Steve Crow (2013)

family matters porn youtube screenshot

At the end of 2013, Family First National Director Bob McCoskrie interviewed Porn Promoter Steve Crow. It’s a fascinating watch as two people from completely opposite sidesdebate the issue of the harms of pornography. Please note: Viewer discretion advised due to subject matter. Not suitable for young people.