Safeguards on Abortion Protect Women & Children

ABORTION mothers choose life

Media Release 6 June 2014 Family First NZ is rejecting the Green party’s call for the decriminalisation of abortion and says that the existing safeguards are there to protect women and children. “If the Greens are really concerned about women, and if they’re really concerned about children as they pretend to be, they should be […]

Don’t Let New Zealand Go To Pot, Laila

internet party

Media Release 5 June 2014 Family First NZ is rejecting calls by the Internet party leader Laila Harre to decriminalise marijuana, and says that decriminalising marijuana is the wrong path if we care about public health and public safety, and about our young people. “It is ironic that at the same time as we ban […]

Auckland Ratepayers Paying to Push Polyamory

auckland city council 2

Media Release 5 June 2014 Family First NZ says that Auckland ratepayers are being made to subsidise an event promoting polyamory for those who want to ‘relate to more than one partner’ and non-monogamous marriages. The event to be held in Auckland this month received an Auckland Council grant from the Community Development and Safety […]

Parents More Likely To Do ‘Facts of Life’ Talk

sex education blackboard

Media Release 4 June 2014 Family First NZ is welcoming an international study which has found that by the age of ten years old, most children today will have already had their first ‘facts of life’ talk with their parents. The online survey of 5,420 parents and 2,569 children aged 5-10 years old was undertaken […]

“We Can’t Cope” – Call for CYF Inquiry

CYF logo

Media Release 28 May 2014 Family First NZ is repeating its call for an official inquiry in to the policies, procedures and the resourcing of CYF following an admission by CYF that they’re not coping. “A review by the ministry of Social Development found that CYF is massively understaffed and that social workers do not […]

Don’t Meddle With Marriage Definition Any More – Poll

polyamory atlanta

Media Release 11 May 2014 A poll has found that there is overwhelming opposition to any further redefining of marriage to include arrangements such as polygamy and group marriage, and most people believe that parliament will be unlikely to further redefine marriage. In the independent poll of 1,022 people undertaken by Curia Market Research, respondents […]

Family Group Calls for Green MP to Resign


Media Release 16 May 2014 Family First NZ is shocked and horrified by Green MP Jan Logie’s personal attack on Finance Minister Bill English via a twitter message, and has labelled it as tacky, disrespectful, and offensive to families. The tweet posted yesterday says: John key says Bill English has produced as many budgets as […]

Deputy Mayor’s Marijuana Calls Labelled ‘Dopey’, Out of Touch

auckland city council

Media Release 15 May 2014 Family First NZ is labelling calls by the Auckland Deputy Mayor to decriminalise cannabis because it’s safer than synthetic drugs as ‘dopey’ and out of touch with reality. “It is ironic that at the same time as we ban synthetic cannabis and we try to price and label cigarettes out […]



Bob McCoskrie – National Director, Family First NZ (published in the Dominion Post 14 May 2014) It is ironic that at the same time as we ban synthetic cannabis, and tear the labelling off cigarette packets, price them out of existence, and ban them from being smoked within breathing space of any living creature, supporters of […]

Euthanasia Report Warns of Elder Abuse & Coercion

killing me softly

Media Release 12 May 2014 A report on the history of the euthanasia debate in New Zealand and an examination of the law and the research evidence overseas warns of the potential for even greater levels of elder abuse if euthanasia were to be decriminalised in NZ. The Report “Killing Me Softly – Should Euthanasia […]