FAMILY MATTERS: BOYS GIRLS OTHER – Making Sense of the Confusing New World of Gender Identity

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The report “BOYS GIRLS OTHER – Making Sense of the Confusing New World of Gender Identity” was commissioned by Family First NZ in response to an increasing number of ‘born in the wrong body’-type stories involving children in the media, and ‘gender identity’ guidelines and policies being pushed at schools by governmental groups and advocacy […]

Family First Wins Appeal Against Deregistration

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Media Release 1 July 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming a decision in the Wellington High Court to allow its appeal against deregistration by the Charities Board. Justice Collins has directed the Charities Board to reconsider its decision to deregister Family Firsts in light of the judgement in the Greenpeace case[1] and also this judgement. […]

Free Contraception For Teens Flawed & Harmful

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Media Release 30 June 2015 Family First NZ says that calls for free contraceptives to be made available to teens is flawed, morally bankrupt, and will actually do more harm than good. It will also undermine the important and protective role of parents and ignore their valid concerns. “The decreasing proportion of teens wanting to […]

Parents & Schools Warned About Harms of Gender Ideology

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Media Release 30 June 2015 A new ground-breaking report on gender identity is warning parents and school leaders to be wary of the guidelines and policies being pushed in schools and communities, and that gender identity ideology is founded more on political ideology than it is in careful science and experience. This report explains how […]

Families Tighten Budget – So Should Councils

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Media Release 25 June 2015 Family First NZ is calling on Auckland Council to do what Auckland families have had to do – tighten their belt.   “Families throughout New Zealand have, over the past years, had to make sacrifices and look for specials and discounts as they cope with increasing prices. They have not had […]

Drop In Abortion Rate As Fetal Knowledge Increases


Media Release 17 June 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming the drop in abortions to the lowest number since 1994, and says that the rate will continue to drop as knowledge of the prenatal development of the unborn child increases, and as an increasingly pro-life younger generation become parents themselves. “The ‘bunch of cells’ argument […]

Forum on the Family 2015 – REGISTRATIONS NOW OPEN!

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This is a special invite for you to attend our Forum on the Family 2015. We have a superb line-up of international and local experts, covering the crucial issues of MARRIAGE, EUTHANASIA, MARIJUANA, SURROGACY, and more. Further details are below. Numbers are limited – so don’t miss out. Attendance is by invite only for key […]

Support “Hillary’s Law”

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A campaign has been launched by a mother who is seeking changes to the parental notification law when a teenage daughter becomes pregnant. A petition was presented to Parliament last week by National MP Chester Borrows on behalf of Stratford mother Hillary Kieft whose 15 y/o daughter attempted suicide after a secret abortion organised by […]

Court Shows Appropriate Compassion to Mother

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Media Release 5 June 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming a court decision to discharge without conviction a mother who left her pre-schooler in a car, saying that the death of her son is punishment enough, but is disappointed that the police didn’t show the same level of discretion and avoid a drawn out court […]

Family Planning Admits High Number of Secret Abortions

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Media Release 4 June 2015 Family First NZ says a stunning admission has been made by Family Planning Association that up to 1,000 young teenage girls have been taken for an abortion without their parents knowledge since 2004, when a change to the law was rejected by Parliament. The admission was made by the Family […]