Easter Trading: Next Stop – Christmas and Anzac Day

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Media Release 26 August 2016 Family First NZ says that the justification for liberalising Easter trading laws will be used as justification for changing the laws around Christmas Day, Anzac Day morning, and Good Friday trading laws. “It is disturbing that National MPs pushed through this liberalisation of Easter Sunday trading laws when they have […]

PM Under Pressure to Allow Easter Conscience Vote

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Media Release 22 August 2016 Family First NZ says that the Prime Minister has received hundreds of emails from families over the past 18 hours asking for the National party to allow a conscience vote on Easter Trading. “If a conscience vote was allowed, the proposed law change being voted on this week would likely […]

Easter Trading Should Be Free Vote For National MPs

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Media Release August 2016 Family First NZ is challenging the National party to allow a conscience vote on Easter Trading, and says that if it was allowed, and based on the previous voting record of individual MPs on this issue, the current proposed law change would be defeated. According to the voting records of National […]

Polls Show Dope Not A Done Deal

MARIJUANA Teen smoking

Media Release 15 August 2016 Family First NZ is rejecting calls for the laws on marijuana to be changed, and says that the poll released today confirms that as high as 75% of NZ’ers don’t want a free-for-all. The result also confirms earlier polling done by Family First in 2013 by the same polling company […]

Submissions Say No To Assisted Suicide 3:1

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Media Release 12 Aug 2016 Family First NZ is welcoming an analysis of submissions made to the Inquiry on assisted suicide showing a 3:1 opposition to any change in the law, and is also calling on ACT MP David Seymour to withdraw his grandstanding bill so that the important conversation around end-of-life care can happen. […]

Family Holidays Also Involve Education & Learning

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Media Release 4 August 2016 Family First is rubbishing suggestions that families pulling their children out of school for family holidays is a form of truancy. “The suggestion that it is equivalent to truancy is almost laughable,” says Bob McCoskrie, National Director of Family First NZ. “Education happens in the family setting as well – […]

Hillary’s Law is now Ariana’s Campaign

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As you will be aware, the rights of parents to care for their daughters was undermined recently when a petition calling for parental notification for teenage abortions (Hillary’s Law) was rejected by a select committee. MPs voted to keep parents in the dark. Of most concern was that this decision was based in part on false […]

To the Minister of Education: Keep ALL Students Safe From Bullying

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A small group of MPs calling themselves the “Cross Party Rainbow Parliamentary Network” have written to the Minister of Education in an attempt to use school bullying as a means to promote gender identity and sexuality issues. (This was the same agenda being pushed in Australia with the highly controversial Safe Schools programme which has now been exposed.) […]

Committee Report Misleads Public on Secret Teen Abortions

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Media Release 8 July 2016 Family First NZ has produced evidence that the Justice and Electoral Select Committee considering parental notification laws have either misled the public or have been given the wrong advice on the rates of secret teen abortions. The Select Committee report said that “only about 60 abortion procedures per year are […]

MPs Tell Parents They Have No Right To Know

Difficult period for family relationships

Media Release 7 July 2016 Family First NZ is slamming a select committee considering laws around parental notification after their decision to reject a call for parents to be notified when their daughter is pregnant. Family First is also disgusted that the committee excluded a parent group and other parents affected by the law from […]