Veto On Parental Leave Fails To Value Parents

parental leave 26 for babies

Media Release 25 May 2016 Family First NZ says that the government veto on paid parental leave is disrespectful to parents and the young families, and is also flawed because it fails to recognise the benefit of investing in hands-on parenting especially for middle- and low-income families. “Paid parental leave values mothers and parenting in […]

School Congratulated For Setting Standard For Ball

school ball

Media Release 25 May 2016 Family First NZ is congratulating an Auckland school that has set a dress code for its upcoming school ball, and says that it has every right to expect high standards from its pupils. “St Dominic’s College in Henderson is to be congratulated for setting high standards and encouraging modesty at […]

‘Sex Work’ Is Inherently High-Risk & Harmful

prostitution protest

Media Release 19 May 2016 Family First NZ says that the police are right to highlight the activity and concerns around the death of Christchurch 22-year-old Renee Duckmanton, and that statistics and testimonies show that ‘sex workers’ are involved in a high-risk and harmful work and the law has failed them. “Although Nigel Latta is […]

Gender Agenda in Primary Schools Harmful to All

gender 6 year old nz herald may 2016

Media Release 15 May 2016 Family First NZ is warning that an Auckland primary school’s efforts to cater for a 6-year old with gender identity issues will be harmful to children in the long-term. “While the separate unisex toilet is a short-term solution, it ultimately fails to acknowledge the political ideology being pushed, the confusion […]

Bob McCoskrie: Family violence is still not just a male problem

domestic violence man victim 2

NZ Herald 13 May 2016 The NZ Herald is to be congratulated for its series highlighting NZ’s atrocious record of family violence, but there is an inconvenient truth not being spoken, and reinforced by Kyle McDonald’s column Domestic violence is a male problem (May 11). Kyle McDonald is partly right – but based on the […]

Govt Pushes Easter Trading – Are Christmas and Anzac Day Next?

easter trading 2015 cricket 2

Media Release 12 May 2016 Family First NZ says that Christmas Day, Anzac Day and Easter Friday will soon be regular trading days based on the government’s intention and justification to push through Easter Sunday trading laws. “Ironically, the Easter trading laws proposed by the government will do nothing to solve the perceived problems, and […]

Attempt To Exclude Parents From Medical Decisions Slammed

doctor explaining diagnosis to her female patient

Media Release 6 May 2016 Family First NZ is slamming statements by the Ministry of Justice that a parent should not be informed about a medical issue affecting their child because it might breach the child’s rights. The comments are related to a petition being considered by Parliament on behalf of a Stratford mother whose […]

Bob McCoskrie – The ‘Eggsploitation’ of Surrogacy


The recent media coverage of the same-sex couple who travelled to Mexico to have ‘triplings’ raises a number of issues. Three babies, born from one set of sperm and one egg, but carried by different surrogates, was bound to bring difficulties. And then there is the coverage of a surrogate offering to be impregnated with […]

Function Centre Pressured To Allow Same-Sex Weddings

Two wedding rings next to the word "marriage" on a english dictionary

Media Release 12 April 2016 A function centre in the South Island which offers a venue for marriages has been pressured to change its policy as a result of a complaint to the Human Rights Commission. Living Springs in Lyttleton previously allowed only traditional wedding ceremonies but have now changed their policy. “Faith-based function centers and […]

CYF Restructure Still Avoids Accountability

CYF logo

Media Release 7 April 2016 Family First NZ says that the Government restructure of CYF continues to ignore the desperate need for a fully independent CYF Complaints Authority as a watchdog on the state agency. “Irrespective of how the system is actually structured, we must have a mechanism that ensures that families who have been […]