Focus on Suicide In Euthanasia Review Welcomed

EUTHANASIA suicide prevention assisted suicide cartoon

Media Release 27 August 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming the broad inquiry into voluntary euthanasia to be carried out by Parliament’s Health Committee. “It makes absolute sense to us to take a broad approach and to place euthanasia within the wider debate about the premature ending of one’s life. There has always been a […]

Families Call for Parental Notification Laws

abortion - Hillary Kieft

Media Release 27 August 2015 Family First NZ is calling on politicians to reflect the concerns and wishes of families and ensure that young pregnant girls in a crisis situation receive the family support they deserve and need. A petition is being presented to the Justice and Electoral Select Committee today by Stratford mother Hillary […]

Independent CYF Watchdog No Longer Optional

CYF logo

Media Release 27 August 2015 Family First NZ is repeating its call for an independent watchdog to monitor the policies, procedures and the resourcing of CYF following the release of the Children’s Commissioner’s report today. “If CYF was a family, it would have had state intervention by now. Despite the important work it does and […]

Paid Parental Leave Values Parenting

mum and baby

Media Release 26 Aug 2015 Family First NZ is calling on the government to value parenting and the important role of mothers and fathers during the early years of our children and support the Paid Parental Leave bill. “Families are being penalised for having children. Successive governments have undervalued mothers and the vital role of […]

Govt Attacks Family Time With Liberal Easter Laws

easter shop closed

Media Release 25 August 2015 Family First NZ is slamming the government for its intention to liberalise Easter trading laws and questions how long before Christmas day and Anzac day are also liberalised. They are also criticising the National party for refusing to allow a conscience vote on an issue which has always been very […]

No Winners When People Cheat On Their Marriages

divorce boy

Media Release 20 Aug 2015 Family First NZ says that the Ashley Madison security breach simply reiterates the fact that there are no winners when people cheat on their marriages. “it is difficult to have sympathy with people who are willing to cheat on their spouse and yet are now concerned with their own privacy. […]

Censor Betrays Families On Sexually Explicit Teen Book

offensive book 2

Media Release 18 Aug 2015 The Office of Film and Literature Classification has gone back on its own decision regarding Into The River by Ted Dawe – a book laced with detailed descriptions of sex acts, coarse language and scenes of drug-taking. The book came to public attention after it took top prize in the […]

Hilton Ban On In-Room Porn Welcomed

hilton hotel auckland

Media Release 18 Aug 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming a decision by Hilton Hotels & Resorts to change its policies in order to remove all on-demand pornographic videos from all of its properties worldwide. This will include hotels in Auckland, Queenstown and Taupo. “This is a great decision for families and for the protection […]

Common Sense on Fireworks Welcomed

fireworks family

Media Release 17 August 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming the decision of a government select committee to reject a ban on fireworks, and says that a fireworks bbq party is one of the great family rituals for kiwi families. “This is a common sense decision from the politicians, and now it is up to […]

Pedophiles’ Register Will Protect Them From Themselves


Media Release 14 Aug 2015 Family First NZ is welcoming proposals for a child sex offenders register, and says that a publically accessible register will not only protect the public but will also protect child sex offenders from themselves. The register should also make it mandatory for schools and other sensitive places where children may […]