Dutch Euthanasia Proof of Recipe For Abuse

Euthanasia deaths in Netherlands

Media Release 3 March 2015 Family First NZ says that the NZ lecture tour by Dr Rob Jonquiere, a leader of the Dutch euthanasia movement, will ignore the mounting evidence from his own country that there’s no safe way to kill people and that assisted suicide will result in coercion and abuse, potentially resulting in […]

Politicians Put Prostitution Harm in ‘Too Hard Basket’

street prostitute no thanks

Media Release 25 Feb 2015 Family First NZ says that politicians are living in ‘la-la land’ when it comes to the concerns of families regarding the ongoing harms of street prostitution and residential brothels, after they voted down a bill authorising Auckland Council to make bylaws prohibiting prostitution in specified public places. “The politicians have […]

Parents Are Key Sex Educators, Not Schools

sex education mum

Media Release 20 Feb 2015 Family First NZ is rejecting a call by an Australian sexologist for sex education to be targeted at children as young as five, and says that resources should be targeted at parents to help them educate their own children. “Parents should be horrified at the prospect of programmes targeted at […]

Family Group Lays Police Complaint Re Offensive Shirt

canterbury museum shirt BANNED

Media Release 13 Feb 2015 Family First NZ is laying a complaint with the police over a highly offensive t-shirt being displayed at a Canterbury Museum exhibition. The shirt which features highly offensive wording and objectionable imagery has already been deemed unacceptable by both the Internal Affairs Department and in the Invercargill District Court in […]

SIGN THE PETITION – Protect Families

Hand with pen and contract

We’ve been made aware of an awful exhibition happening in Christchurch which includes material which will be highly offensive to many families. From our friend and blogger Brendan Malone… “Canterbury Museum has chosen to display an extremely graphic and highly offensive t-shirt with a picture of a nun masturbating and the words “Jesus is a […]

Report Calls For Screen Time Guidelines for Children

We need to talk Advertisement

Media Release 9 February 2015 A report on the increasing use of screen time for children is critical of government agencies for a lack of guidelines to families, and says that the Ministry of Health should consider screen time as a personal health and well-being issue to be formally included in the health education curriculum […]

Boycott ‘50 Shades’ Movie, Donate to Victims Instead

50 shades boycott

Media Release 7 Feb 2015 Family First NZ is calling on families to boycott the upcoming “Fifty Shades of Grey” movie and instead donate the admission fee to a local women’s refuge. They are also encouraging families to use the release of the movie as an opportunity to have a discussion with their youngsters about […]

BOYCOTT ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

50 shades of grey abuse

One of the most talked-about movies for 2015 is about to be released – and you and I need to be prepared. “Fifty Shades of Grey” is an adaptation of E.L.James’ best-selling erotic novel, the fastest selling paperback of all time. It is credited with mainstreaming soft porn literature. The movie is billed as ‘the […]

Phone App for Families to Contact Politicians

have your say web version

Media Release 2 February 2015 Family First NZ has launched a phone app designed to put the power back in to the hands of families, and to help them be online political activists for family issues in NZ. The free Have Your Say phone app enables users to communicate with Members of Parliament by email […]

Gender Agenda In Schools Needs To Be Rejected

gender boy girl

Media Release 10 January 2015 Family First NZ is rejecting calls for “gender” issues to be taught in schools and says that students with gender dissatisfaction should be treated and cared for on a case-by-case basis by families in conjunction with professionals and the school. “A child’s gender at birth is an objective biological reality, […]