Family Research Council (US) Research using adult stem cells continues to yield successful treatments for many human diseases and injuries.  In this update we highlight some of those treatment successes from the last six months.  This update follows on our previous releases of adult stem cell success stories from the first half of 2008, as […]

Sexualisation of Children (Aust)

Channel 9 Sunday programme June 22, 2008 Bras for four year olds, soft porn music videos during children’s viewing times, dolls dressed as prostitutes, 14 year old fashion models, billboards for longer lasting sex. This is the world the contemporary Australian child grows up in and a Senate inquiry has asked this question: are our […]

Art or not, it’s still exploitation

Steve Biddulph is a psychologist and the author of Raising Babies. The Age (Australia) May 28, 2008 It is astonishing that the debate over Bill Henson’s photographs has been framed as art versus pornography, as if these were mutually exclusive, tidy categories that settle the matter once and for all. And as if art somehow excuses […]

Why We Whisper – The Economic Costs of Sin

Chuck Colson – Breakpoint May 2, 2008 Imagine the following social experiment: You divide up Americans into two groups. Those who agreed to live by traditional moral values live in certain states. Those who reject traditional values take up residence in other states that would allow them to do whatever they pleased, morally speaking. After […]

Woman Becomes Pregnant – Alert the Press!

Jessica Cantelon – April 3, 2008 Born in Hawaii, thirty-four-year-old Thomas Beatie lives with his wife Nancy in the town of Bend in mountainous central Oregon. After several years of marriage, Thomas and Nancy are excited to be expecting their first child, a little girl. But if you’re assuming that Nancy is the pregnant one, […]

Bob McCoskrie: Evidence points to social cost of not being able to afford own house

Bob McCoskrie – National Director Family First NZ NZ Herald February 25, 2008 The debate on home ownership has tended to come from a fiscal perspective – whether the cost of owning a home is out of reach for many families of middle to low income. Since 1991, home ownership rates in New Zealand have […]

Bob McCoskrie: Parents Deserve the Right To Raise Their Children

Bob McCoskrie – National Director Family First NZ (published in Dominion Post 13 February 2008) Politicians, with the support of the UN, Children’s Commissioner and Youth Law Project to name a few, have sought to increase children’s rights without considering the vital role of parents. On one hand, a parent is responsible for the actions […]

Young people duped by a culture of degrading sexual attitudes

By Maree Crabbe – Online Opinion (Aust)  15 November 2007 The non-custodial sentencing last week of eight young men who humiliated and sexually assaulted a young woman has generated a strong public response. A Children’s Court judge convicted seven of the eight youths after they pleaded guilty to making a film in Werribee last year […]

Science, myths and same-sex parenting

Mercator Net – 2 Oct 2007 – Dale O’Leary is an award-winning American journalist with a special interest in marriage and gender issues. Research shows that children do best when raised by a mother and father. But what about those studies that show they do just as well with two mommies or daddies? What is […]

Child sexualisation is no game

Online Opinion Australia 26 September 2007 It’s time to correct the single most common misunderstanding about the sexualisation of children. Recently, Pamela Bone became the latest in a long line of commentators to suggest that those concerned about premature sexualisation are tilting at windmills. She wrote: & little girls have been tottering around in their mothers’ […]