Younger men use violence

Stuff 18 December 2014
An increasing number of younger men are using violence against family members – “mostly mums” – a specialist family violence agency says.

Of about 190 men listed on family violence police incident reports in North Canterbury in a 12-month period, 23 were aged 15 to 19.

The majority, about 30 per cent, were aged between 20 and 29, and five were under 15.

Aviva, which runs ReachOut, a support service for men who have used violence, said it expected similar patterns in Christchurch.

Ramon York, a Rangiora-based ReachOut worker, said he had observed an “enormous increase” in family violence cases involving younger men.

“There are far more young people coming up on the [incident reports], that is young boys and girls who are acting out against their mum or their brothers and sisters . . . mums mostly.”

“It’s quite often in that close, intimate circle.” Crime victim statistics released by police show several people over the age of 80 were assaulted by their children, male and female, in the last four months.

Half a dozen girls aged 10 to 14 were assaulted by their boyfriends.