Proposed Auckland prostitution ban scrapped

Stuff 5 December 2014
A law that would have allowed Auckland local bodies to ban prostitution in specified places has been scrapped by a parliamentary select committee.

Instead, councils have been urged to look at other ways to control street prostitutes, such as using bylaws controlling “hawkers”.

In recommending the local bill not pass, the committee said it was aware of the issues some communities faced regarding street-based prostitution and understood why the Auckland Council, like the Manukau Council before it, believed the law was the best way to manage them.

Other local authorities had also backed the bill.

“We consider, however, that the matters covered by the bill are not appropriate for a local bill because the problem the bill seeks to address is not unique to the area covered by the bill.”

If enacted the bill would cover the whole of Auckland.

“It would also affect the rights of the public in that it would impose constraints on the activities that can occur in specified areas within the Auckland district. Those activities are not specifically prohibited in any other parts of the country.”