New text speak parents need to look out for – report warns

NZ Herald 17 December 2014
If you thought you had teenage internet speak cracked by getting to grips with acronyms such as ‘LOL’ (for ‘laugh out loud’) and ‘LMK’ (for ‘let me know’), think again.

Do you know the meaning of ‘IWSN’ or ‘GNOC’? Considering these are acronyms for ‘I want sex now’ and ‘get naked on camera’ used by youngsters, it’s probably a good idea that parents do.

These shorthands are just some of the 28 online abbreviations that feature in a new report by CNN about teenagers’ secret online language.

The list, collated by Kelly Wallace with the help of Internet safety expert Katie Greer, also contains slang such as ‘420’ for ‘marijuana’, ‘POS’ for ‘parent over shoulder’ and the phrase every parent dreads their teenager reading ‘(L)MIRL’ for ‘let’s meet in real life’.

Greer’s research has found the majority of teens think their parents are trying to keep tabs on them online, so these acronyms are used to hide certain parts of their conversations.