Why family violence will continue to increase in NZ

Here’s a perfect example of everything that is wrong with attempts to stamp out violence.

From the Wanganui Chronicle

Aubrey Ivan James Wirihana-Curry was at home with the victim and their 6-month-old child on October 27 when an argument began, and he started smashing plates and punching holes in the gib board. He pushed his partner down and kicked her to the right side of her head, police prosecutor Sergeant Steve Hickey told the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday. She is four months pregnant, he said. When police arrived, Wirihana-Curry resisted arrest, saying he didn’t want to go to the station as he needed to look after his young child. He hit one of the officers in the face multiple times.

So that’s…
* Property damage
* serious and violent assault
* pregnant partner
* violent assault of police

The punishment? Well, if you can call it that…

* 120 hours of community work (so 3 weeks)
* nine months of ‘supervision’,
* anger management course

Meanwhile, great mum who admits occasional smacks on the bottom gets 300 hours of community work and loses her career.

We’re stuffed.