Doctor’s sex quiz shocks mother

Stuff 16 November 2014
The mother of a 12-year-old boy whose doctor asked him if he was sexually active, watched porn or was having suicidal thoughts is outraged her husband was asked to leave the room during the questioning.

The woman, who wishes to remain anonymous, says her son was shocked and her husband appalled when the GP asked the husband to leave so he could ask the boy what she described as “totally inappropriate” questions.

“The health issue was regarding a personal area, so we thought it was just carrying on about that,” she said.

The GP was following a protocol dubbed a HEEADSSS assessment – which stands for Home environment, Education and employment, Eating, peer-related Activities, Drugs, Sexuality, Suicide/depression and Safety from injury and violence. It is used as a tool to screen youth who may be at risk.

The boy had previously had trouble sleeping and didn’t like crowds, but his mother is questioning whether the topics covered were appropriate.

“Why do they have to sexualise our children? Why did we not have this topic discussed with us before we consented? We had a right to know.”