Three-parent babies are ‘genetic engineering’ and should be banned

The Telegraph 6 October 2014
Three parent babies created with genetic material from three people would be the result of ‘genetic engineering’ and should not be allowed, a group of scientists will say.

A change in the law to allow doctors to use genetic material from a third person to avoid serious and life threatening diseases is being debated.

In a letter seen by the Sunday Times to the Commons science and technology committee, which is holding a one-day inquiry into three parent embryos on October 22, a group of scientists said: “The safety of mitochondrial replacement therapy is not yet established sufficiently well to proceed to clinical trials.”

The technique in involves replacing faulty mitochondrial DNA in a woman’s eggs that would mean she did not pass on diseases such as muscular dystrophy.

Mitochondria are the batteries in human cells it has been argued and that the new DNA would not alter a person’s personality or appearance.