Sex education in Poland faces legal challenge

The Telegraph 11 September 2014
Anybody teaching sex education in Poland could face up to two years behind bars under draft legislation proposed by anti-paedophile campaigners.

Backed by a petition boasting some 250,000 signatures, supporters of the proposal argue that sex education in school can promote sexual behaviour in minors and undermine their morality.

Currently a draft law under discussion in the Polish parliament aims to make the “promotion of paedophile behaviour” punishable with two years in prison. Fundacja Pro, the organisers of the petition, want a clause added to the law which would make “the same penalty apply to anybody who promotes sexual behaviour in minors aged under 15 or facilitates their involvement in such behaviour”.

Although Mariusz Dzierzawski, the head of Fundacja Pro, claims the proposal will not lead to the end of sex education in Polish schools, its opponents state that the wording is so broad that anybody talking about such matters as sexual development and contraception could face prosecution.

“It is hard to believe that in the 21st century they want to punish teachers, educators and carers who want to inform children about their development and the nature of sexual relationships, and put them in the same boat as paedophiles,” said Monika Sajkowska, president of Nobody’s Children, an organisation fighting child abuse.