Rise of hands-on dads

NZ Herald 7 September 2014
Auckland dads are stepping up. Research shows they’re increasingly involved in raising their kids, including a rise in the trend of stay-at-home dads and increasingly taking on roles such as bathing and putting their wee ones to bed.

The study, by Dr Louise Keown from the University of Auckland’s Parenting Research Group, features data collected from 94 Auckland families who have kids aged between 4 and 7. The responses were collected between 2007 and 2011.

Keown revealed some of the reasons the dads are helping out more on the home front include:

• Women are more involved in paid employment, resulting in a shift in what Keown calls “father involvement”.

• Women expect fathers to be more hands on.

• Dads want to be more involved.

• Increased flexibility in the workplace has allowed blokes to work from home or have more flexible hours that allow both parents to have more time to be involved in raising their children.

• Some dads who are self-employed are choosing to work entirely from home making it easier to share child care roles.