Election 2014 – and the influence of Value Your Vote

values voters watchSo what did we learn last night…
1. Labour’s Maryan Street didn’t get back in. So it’s bye bye to attempts to decriminalise euthanasia for a while :-):-)
2. Bye Hone. Families won’t miss your foul language
3. A disaster for the Greens. And was it because of their abortion policy? We’re pretty sure it was!
4. Gay marriage and ‘bathroom bills’ (gender confusion) cost Labour. When will they learn to shut down MP’s who want to do radical social engineering. All their vote was down in the South Auckland seats – as Sua William Sio predicted. Even ex-leader David Shearer said on television this morning that Labour had been hijacked by special interest groups. Of course he was referring to MP’s like Louisa Wall.
5. Did Labour and Greens do badly and NZ First and Conservatives do better because of Value Your Vote?
You betcha!!
We’ll be back!