10 Good Reasons to Change the Anti-Smacking Law – Reason #4 – Lorriane

When a 9 y/o boy aggressively stabbed his brother in the leg with a broken pen (not for the first time), caring grandmother and caregiver Lorriane poked him with a pen to try and teach him how it felt – and in the hope it would stop him doing it again. A neighbour complained to the police and, using their discretion, Lorriane was charged with assault, spent a night locked up in a cell, and forbidden contact with the boy. After four months and a legal bill of $3,500, the judge found her not guilty and said her actions were completely reasonable, similar to tapping a child on the back of the hand, and that she was a “caring person”. It took a further 13 months before she got her foster son back.

“They take your glasses and your bag and check everything and put it in sealed plastic bags. They photograph you. They fingerprint you. And then I was put in a cell.” Lorriane (Grandmother, Caregiver)

This ninth short clip is this week’s example of “10 Good Reasons to Change the Anti-Smacking Law.”

SICK OF HEARING THESE STORIES? SO ARE WE! WHAT CAN YOU DO? At the very least, find out which political parties will fix the law to protect good parents. CLICK HERE (question 28)

It’s time we held the politicians to account on a failed law which is doing more harm than good. It’s time the politicians listened to YOU!

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