You deserve to know how they will vote

Many of you have contacted us expressing frustration that some of the candidates in your electorate have refused to complete the Questionnaire on our website We share your frustration!

Labour and National candidates are the worst culprits. Helen Clark never campaigned on introducing the anti-smacking law during the 2005 campaign (in fact, she said to ban smacking would defy human nature!), and John Key certainly didn’t mention in 2011 that he would be a cheerleader for redefining marriage or that so many of his MP’s would follow his lead! What else have they got planned that we don’t know about? You deserve to know where your local candidates stand on abortion, euthanasia, redefining marriage further, surrogacy, fixing the anti-smacking law, and many other important issues before you vote.


On each candidate’s individual page on there is an email address.

Why not send a simple polite email to those who haven’t responded yet:

“Hi there. I’m a voter in your electorate. I note that you are yet to complete the Questionnaire which Family First NZ has sent to you for their Value Your Vote website. I need to know where candidates stand on the important issues in this Questionnaire before I can consider voting for them. Could you please inform me whether you intend to complete this Questionnaire, and if not, why not. Thank you.”

Maybe it’s the incentive they need. Every candidate has been emailed the Candidate Questionnaire (or they can email us if they need a link to complete the online survey). There’s really no excuse or justification to ignore the questionnaire, in our opinion.

You can help Value Your Vote be the most important and informative voting resource for families leading up to the Election.