Transgender changes in schools would increase confusion – Family First

OneNews 5 August 2014
New recommendations to make schools more accessible to transgender students will simply cause young people more confusion, a social commentator says.

An action plan developed by a research group out of Auckland University calls on schools to install toilet and changing facilities for an increasing number of adolescents who identify as being transgender or unsure of their gender.

However, Family First Director Bob McCroskrie believes that gender is a subjective concept and it is unfair and dangerous to cater to the minority when the safety of the 99% is being compromised.

He told TV ONE’s Breakfast programme that no parent is going to want their child using the same toilet and changing facilities as someone of the opposite sex simply because they don’t identify with their biological makeup.

Researcher Terryann Clark, who helped develop the action plan, yesterday said the changes are not about giving preferential treatment for a small group of people but ensuring that all New Zealand youth can feel comfortable at school.

Mr McCroskrie believes this can happen by supporting young people and making them “comfortable in their uniqueness” within their biological sex. That includes giving them access to proper counselling services to deal with the emotional and mental issues that may come with their gender confusion.