Peter Jackson to produce film on botched gender change case

Stuff 17 August 2014
Jackson was also considering a film version of As Nature Made Him, the story of Canadian man David Reimer who was raised a female after a botched circumcision when he was aged just 7 months.

At the recommendation of New Zealand psychologist and sexologist John Money, who died in 2006, Reimer’s parents approved gender realignment surgery on their son and renamed him Brenda. But as a 15-year-old Reimer transitioned to living as a male. He died suddenly in 2005, aged just 38.

Jackson said a film adaptation of As Nature Made Him also classified as a “New Zealand story . . . the doctor who was the cause of that family’s misery was a New Zealander . . . Dr John Money,” he said.

“Whatever we end up doing in whatever order, we are looking forward to making Kiwi stories.”