Crowd’s call likened to Nazi chant

NZ Herald 8 August 2014
An Internet-Mana Party video clip of a frenzied crowd cheering on Kim Dotcom and chanting “F*** John Key” is being compared to Nazi Germany propaganda – although a political marketing expert concedes it could appeal to youth.

The Prime Minister was dismissive of the video, saying he did not want to dignify the chant with a response. “It’s for New Zealanders to judge.”

But he fired a shot at Mr Dotcom: “The reality is that Kim Dotcom doesn’t care about New Zealanders. He cares about not being extradited.”

The clip and the reaction to it is the latest in a series of exchanges between John Key and the Internet Party, which could spice up his showdown with party leader Laila Harre on Monday at a Helensville candidates’ meeting.

The video, taken two weeks ago during an IMP party in Christchurch, shows Mr Dotcom addressing a crowd shouting his name.

Family First NZ yesterday laid a complaint about the video with the Advertising Standards Authority.