Protection order petition started ‘because too many people losing their lives’

OneNews 22 July 2014
An emotional journey reaches a milestone today when a petition will be presented to Parliament calling for the three strikes legislation to apply to breaches of protection orders.

If a change to the law is voted for, offenders who breach a protection order three times in three years will be jailed for a minimum of three years.

The first breach would result in a strike warning and the offender’s cellphone and computer would be confiscated. A warning would be issued after the second breach in three years, and the offender would pay a $5000 fine to the victim or complete a compulsory six-month jail term.

Currently a breach of a protection order is punishable by a maximum of three years’ jail.

The woman spearheading the campaign for tougher penalties, Ann Hodgetts, says the petition has received around 3000 signatures.