Ads on Family-Friendly Shows Do Better

Parents Television Counsel 6 June 2014
A recent survey by Nielsen shows that viewers are far more likely to find commercials appearing on family-friendly programs and networks more trustworthy, credible, and relevant than on shows and channels with extreme content.

The survey found a 90% correlation between viewer trust and networks that are considered family-friendly. Compared to ads in a non-family-friendly environment, ads on family-friendly networks were perceived as more trustworthy (+53%), credible (+39%) and relevant (+53%).

Viewers also said that they’re 20% more likely to shop at stores advertised on family networks, and 44% more likely to buy products and services advertised on such networks. Overall, ads seen on family-friendly networks had a 30% advantage in being perceived positively by viewer over ads seen on non-family-friendly networks.

The survey found that roughly 42 million Americans can be considered “Family TV” viewers, who seek out wholesome programming to watch with their families or in a group. “Family TV” viewers prefer shows that reflect their values, and want to be uplifted by the shows they watch.