Sex Workers must go (Mike Yardley – Christchurch)

Stuff 13 May 2014
How crass, how churlish, how crude that at a time when the city is facing a half a billion dollar financial hole over the rebuild, the council is splashing the cash on an open-air brothel facility in Manchester St.

Beyond establishing a needle receptacle, toilet block, lighting and security cameras, why didn’t the council go the whole hog by throwing in a steam room, spa and bondage dungeon? To use that great teenage catchphrase, “Get a room!”.

A decade ago, New Zealand’s world-leading Prostitution Reform Act pledged to “clean up the industry and make it safe”. But how can street sex ever really be clean or safe, given its inherent dangers?

Unlike the licensed brothels and owner-operated suburban services, the street trade represents the seediest, drug-riddled and deadliest arm of the industry – as Christchurch knows only too well. Just look at the creeps and drug-pushers who act as minders in Manchester St. This is the underworld in action.

And unlike the licensed businesses and professional escorts, you can bet your bottom dollar that Inland Revenue gets screwed by the street trade too. In fact, most street walkers are really sticking it to the taxpayer, by concurrently drawing a benefit.