The rise of ‘social’ surrogacy

Mail Online 16 April 2014
It used to be that surrogacy was considered an option exclusively for infertile couples, but it appears more and more women are doing it for less medically urgent reasons.

According to Elle Magazine, ‘social surrogacy’ is on the rise, with mothers choosing not to carry their baby themselves in order not to upset their work life or ‘ruin’ their bodies.

‘I call these cases designer surrogacy,’ said San Diego-based fertility doctor Lorni Arnold, whose patients have included a socialite ‘who didn’t want to get fat’ and a runner about to do a marathon.

Dr Arnold explained that pregnancy can also be a financial hindrance to women, since it can mean a months-long pause in their career.

‘Some women work right up to the moment they deliver, but others can be bedridden for several months,’ she said.

That was the reason wedding photographer Mari Smith, who chose not to reveal her real name to the magazine, began considering surrogacy.