If we can pick our gender, why not our age?

Disclaimer: Hat Tip (and a fair bit of cut and paste) from: http://thefederalist.com/2014/03/27/if-we-can-pick-our-gender-can-we-pick-our-age-our-race/

Facebook offers a mass selection of more than 50 genders to choose from when you sign up.

So why doesn’t Facebook let us select our date of birth as well? After all, both our sex and our age are “assigned” to us at birth. If you “identify” yourself as younger or older than the “official” calendar says you are, you face discrimination by the state, by employers, by schools, and the whole array of ageist organisations and clubs and restaurants, etc., that provide you only one option when it comes to age or date of birth.

And they stick you with it for life.

Your gender identity – apparently – is your perception of yourself as either “male, female, or something else.” All backed up by the American Psychological Association. In fact, some activists will say that gender identity means your perception of yourself as “male, female, both, or neither.”

Yet there are no doubt millions of people who perceive themselves a different age than what was assigned to them at birth. Every single NZ’er must abide by the age assigned to them by their birth certificate. This perpetuates continued discrimination in the workplace, at schools, and in all areas of life where people might look at us funny or make unfair assumptions when we say we’re one age and they see us as another.

And while we’re there, what about individuals who are discriminated against on the basis of their racial or ethnic identity. Should those who perceive themselves as Maori or South African be discriminated against just because the world perceives them as white or Pacific Islander?

Over 99% of the population is born with distinctive physical characteristics that are either male or female. But 100% of the population is born at a distinct time that forces an identity of age on them, whether they like it or not. Worse, we are not permitted to change that date on our birth certificates. This puts us all at a definite disadvantage with transgendered individuals who are already given the privilege of determining their gender on their NZ passport or driver’s licence or which prison you serve your time in.

Do you feel you need an example of age identity discrimination? I’m what some people would call “old.”

That’s a slur.

Hate speech.

I identify as younger than the age I was assigned at birth. A couple of decades actually.

So I’ll be sending out invitations for my 21st shortly.