Chris Schulz: Keeping kids away from musical F-bombs

NZ Herald 10 April 2014
Look around you. Do you see any kids? Are there any children with vulnerable ears in your near vicinity? If the answer’s no, then stop reading immediately. Seriously.

Do this instead: run to your stereo and press play. Fire up your favourite expletive-filled rap songs. Blast the most murderous death metal you can find at top volume. And dance to as much sexually charged radio-friendly pop as you can.

You lucky, carefree devils. I’m so jealous of you.

If you’ve got kids – which I do – and they’re anywhere near the age of 4 – which one of them is – chances are your music-listening choices have suddenly become extremely limited.

Gone is any song that drops an occasional F-bomb. That rules out about 70 per cent of my music collection, including almost all hip-hop. Sniff.