Putting a value on time with the kids: priceless

Stuff.co.nz 5 March 2014
Catch a business leader at just the right time and he will tell you, wet-eyed, that being there when his child was born was the most significant event in his life.

In a private moment, the head of a multinational company will confess that being a mother is the hardest, most rewarding job she’s ever had.

As a society, we all sing along with Whitney – yes, we really do believe that children are our future. Pretty sure you’re humming it right now. You’re welcome.

We’ve all agreed that raising children is really valuable. Except, oddly, we don’t value it with our usual currency – money. Not much of it, anyway, and not for long.

In NZ, paid parental leave (PPL) covers the first 14 weeks from birth, which puts us alongside Algeria and Malta on the “here’s how we value a good start in life” register.