Help protect our children from the radical sexual agenda


It’s time to get rid of the radical sexual agenda targeted at our children in classrooms!

If you’re a parent or grandparent, and are concerned about the increasingly aggressive sexual agenda targeted at our children, we agree with your concerns – and it’s time we took action. At the end of this email are specific action points which we would ask EVERY parent to follow through on.
Last Friday, yet another story appeared in the media Explicit sex class divides school

A school trustee has quit and a family withdrawn their child in protest at an explicit sexual education programme at a West Coast primary, ….delivered to Year 7 and 8 pupils in December. The children were told about oral and anal sex, flavoured condoms, and pleasure points – despite parents being told in writing beforehand that pupils would be taught only the basics. “Eleven, 12 and 13-year-olds don’t need to know this stuff. That’s why we’re mad,” said one parent. …..As soon as the complaint was laid we stopped the programme cold,” the Principal said.

How did it even makes its way in to the classroom? But it’s not the first time this has been reported. In one example, a mixed class of boys and girls were asked by the AIDS Foundation if they had masturbated lately and were given condoms and strawberry-flavoured lubricant. They were also given a leaflet featuring graphic pictures, terms including “co*k” and “wa*k”, and advice on the best condoms. Reports in 2011 revealed that 14-year-old girls are being taught how to put condoms on plastic penises, and one female teacher imitated the noises she made during orgasm to her class of 15-year-olds. In yet another example, a concerned father took his 12-year-old son out of a sex education class at his all-boy school after he came home upset about what had happened during one of the lessons. It included a question-and-answer session that focused on, “I have learned that my girlfriend has a thing called a clitoris. I really want to play with it. Is that okay?” The answer was: “Yes, if you ask her and she’s okay with it.”
At the end of last year, we alerted the media to plans by Family Planning to introduce ‘sexuality education’ in schools to children aged as young as 5. If we hadn’t spoken up, it would have gone ‘under the radar’ – which is exactly how these groups want to operate.
Last year, we released a review of sex education resources recommended to adolescents in NZ and which were taught in NZ schools. The Report “R18: Sexuality Education in New Zealand – A Critical Reviewby US psychiatrist Dr Miriam Grossman found that the resources fail to tell the full facts and compromise the concerns and wishes of parents, and the safety of young people.

“A premise of modern sex education is that young people have the right to make their own decisions about sexual activity, and no judging is allowed. Risky behaviours are normalised and even celebrated. Children and adolescents are introduced to sexual activities their parents would prefer they not even know about, let alone practice. It’s reasonable to ask: is the ‘comprehensive sexuality education’ foisted on young people all over the world about sexual health, or sexual licence? While most of these resources claim to promote sexual health, we find, overall, little encouragement of restraint or self-discipline. Instead, students are informed that at any age, sexual freedom is a ‘right’,”warned Dr Grossman.

“The information is not accurate, comprehensive, or up-to-date. Sex is seen as risky only when it’s ‘unprotected’. The efficacy of condoms is overstated, in some cases vastly so. The quantitative data about their use is absent. The vulnerability of the immature cervix and the hazards of anal intercourse are omitted. Chlamydia is incorrectly described as ‘easily cured’. Young people are led to believe that sex is easily divorced from emotional attachment. Worst of all, critical life and death information is distorted or ignored. Students are left misinformed, and with a false sense of security. Surely this is the last thing parents want.”

You see, the problem is that the current approach in NZ sows confusion about right and wrong and says the moral absolute is – use condoms. The government should only fund evidence-based education resources which are approved by parents, rather than pushing an agenda which is harmful and misleading to youth and inconsistent with the wishes of parents. For those youth who are sexually active, they are not being told the truth. Groups like the Family Planning Association and Rainbow Youth are perpetuating the myth that as long as you use a condom, you can pretty well do what you like in terms of promiscuity, experimentation, and fringe behaviours – with little or no information on the physical or emotional ramifications or prevention of disease. Significantly, when we encouraged parents to visit the website in the middle of last year, the site disappeared and resurfaced in December with much of the offending information removed.

It makes a BIG difference when we speak up and expose what these groups are trying to do.
(If you don’t think it could be that bad, take a moment to watch Dr Grossman’s presentation – – but be prepared to be shocked.)
If you have children at school, please do the following:
1. Contact your Principal this week and ask them to provide you with the content of any sex education classes, and also whether any outside groups are brought in to teach them. Don’t accept their assurances. Check the material yourself. What they think is acceptable may not be acceptable for you.
2. If they refuse or won’t supply all the material, you can complain to the Board of Trustees. In extreme cases, you could apply for the material under the Official Information Act.
3. If you are not happy with the content material, or groups such as Rainbow Youth, AIDS Foundation, or Family Planning are coming in to the school, take your concerns to the Board of Trustees. Remember – they are parents just like you, and may be just as concerned as you are when they view the material.
4. If you are still concerned, find other parents who are concerned. It won’t be hard. Send a delegation to the school.
5. Our recommendation is that you remove your children from any sex education classesas is your right. READ THE LAW. Yes, your child may feel left out from the rest of the class, but from the feedback we receive, the children who have to stay in are often envious and wish they could also get out of the yucky and embarrassing class. At the end of the day, protecting the moral innocence of your child is the priority. Parents are the best sex educators of their own children.
6. You may also like to write to the Minister of Education if you have examples that you believe she should know about
[email protected]

Radical sex education agendas have only survived when either parents are unaware of what’s going on, or don’t feel they can do anything about it.

It’s time that ‘Parent Power’ cleaned up our classrooms!
Please let us know any success stories so we can pass them on. And if you have difficulties dealing with the school, also let us know.
Kind regards


Bob McCoskrie
National Director