Calls for Len Brown to resign

OneNews 16 March 2014
Auckland Mayor Len Brown says he will remain as mayor because the ratepayers want him to be.

Speaking on TVNZ’s Q A programme Mr Brown said that most Aucklanders want him to move on from last year’s affair scandal and get on with the job of being their mayor.

“Most people are over it and they want me to get on with the job and that’s what I’m doing,” he said.

However, Family First NZ’s national director, Bob McCoskrie, says it’s time for Mr Brown to go.

“For many Aucklanders, his actions have brought the office of the Mayor in to disrepute. He no longer has the respect or the confidence of many people to be seen as a major community leader.”

He says there needs to be another election for mayor in Auckland.

“Aucklanders should have another opportunity to have their say on whether they accept his leadership,” says Mr McCoskrie.

Mr McCoskrie says that if information about Mr Brown’s affair was known prior to the election the outcome could have been significantly different.

“To resign and then stand for re-election would be the most appropriate action for Mr Brown to take if he wishes to remain as Mayor.”