Turf war between sex industry bosses

NZ Herald 1 Feb 2014
Sex industry bosses battled each other in court this week as Calendar Girls owner Jacqui Le Prou tried to stop Wellington brothel kings the Chow brothers moving into Auckland. ..Allegations were made at a hearing into two liquor licence applications for premises in central Auckland before the city’s Alcohol Regulatory and Licensing Authority. One was to renew the licence for the brothers’ Gore St strip bar the Penthouse Club and adjoining brothel Galaxy Club. The other was for a new licence, combining separate temporary licences for their Karangahape Road strip bar Mermaids and adjoining brothel Splash Club.

…The witnesses had plenty to say about their time working for the Chows, painting a picture of premises awash with alcohol where staff came second to customers – provided they kept buying booze. Women were attacked, staff got drunk just to get through their shifts and the Chow brothers either didn’t know or didn’t care,

…The excessive intoxication of patrons was encouraged, clients were intentionally overcharged and sexual assaults against staff went unreported, the women alleged.

…The drunk patrons were a constant danger to the women at the club, the witnesses alleged. A dancer told the hearing that intoxicated patrons would grab staff, inappropriately touch them and try to lick them. “Basically, people would try anything you can imagine in there.” When the women complained nothing would be done, she said. Another dancer said they would be sent back into the lap dancing rooms if they dared complain.