New laws affect drivers, students, teachers

3News 4 January 2014
Kiwis need to be aware of new law changes from today, including new Warrant of Fitness (WoF) rules, along with changes to the Education Act which allow teachers to search students for dangerous items.

Changes to the Education Act also come into force today, allowing teachers to search students they suspect are carrying dangerous items.

“They will be able to search bags if they have reasonable belief that there’s something there that could cause harm,” says search and seizure working party chair Patrick Walsh.

Teachers will be able to search students’ lockers, bags and outer garments for dangerous items, but that doesn’t include pat-downs.

“We have had issues in schools where a minority of students have brought drugs into the schools, we’ve had weapons, and we’ve also had the scourge of cyber-bullying which has led to a number of suicides,” says Mr Walsh.