Colin Craig: I smack my child

NZ Herald 13 January 2014
Conservative Party leader Colin Craig has admitted that he smacks his daughter if they misbehave, despite the law being clear there is no justification for the use of force as part of parental or caregiver discipline.

His party is a possible coalition partner for National after this year’s general election and Mr Craig said – were he in the position to – he would want to negotiate repealing the so-called anti-smacking law that came into effect in 2007.

The legislation removed the defence of “reasonable force” for parents prosecuted for assault on their children.

During an interview on RadioLive today, Mr Craig was asked if he would start to smack his own children if the law was reversed.

“I occasionally do it now,” he replied.

Mr Craig told APNZ he did not expect any backlash from the admission.