Boy ‘symptom of booze culture’ 10 January 2014
The mother of a nine-year-old boy who got drunk at a Hamilton skate park wants the adults who provided the alcohol to be charged.

She said the ordeal of having her son’s drunken experience broadcast online and in the media had been ”horrible” and ”ugly”.

A video posted online showed her son with a can of bourbon and cola struggling to stand, being abusive and slurring his words at Fairfield Skate Park in Hamilton on Tuesday – his ninth birthday.

It has been viewed more than 700,000 times and published on dozens of websites around the world.

The boy’s mother, whom Fairfax Media has chosen not to name, said the nasty comments online from ”people thinking they know the situation when they don’t” had been hurtful.

“People act like it happens all the time in my family. This is like a situation that was a random thing,” she said.

”People are just going to judge anyway. Why do I have to justify myself? And the people who are judging are the people who don’t know me, or think they know me.”