Navigating the line between party and paralytic requires maturity

NZ Herald 17 December 2013
As a teenager, there is a huge pressure to accept the cool pragmatism of “this is how it is” when it comes to binge drinking.

Hard drinking is accepted as just part of our culture. So challenging the way we drink means you come close to being called a crusty. A bore. Dull. And to generation Self-Obsession, me, this is terrifying.

But there is a problem with teenage binge drinking, and especially among girls.

The Alcohol HealthWatch and Women’s Health Action report, released earlier this month, showed young women are drinking more than ever, and any other woman. According to research from ALAC in 2005, 40 per cent of under 17s binge drink. In 2012, Massey University research showed that 28 per cent of 16- to 17-year-old girls binge drink.

So yes, there’s a problem.

Now, I’m totally in favour of going out for some drinks and a good night. But I’m not keen on those nights of getting wasted, vomiting outside Macca’s, and passing out.