National ‘rethink’ on paid parental leave extension

OneNews 11 December 2013
Labour says the Government is reconsidering its position on the extension of paid parental leave.

Labour has been pushing to get paid parental leave extended to six months from the current 14 weeks.

An 11th hour request has seen Labour delay the reporting back of Sue Moroney’s Member’s Bill until next year.

Ms Moroney said “the weight of public opinion” convinced National to rethink its stance.

“I have said from the outset that I was prepared to find a way to make life easier for hardworking Kiwi families,” Ms Moroney said.

“The Government’s opposition has gone against strong public and Parliamentary support and I hope National will take this opportunity to give parents more precious time with their new babies.”

The Bill will now be reported back from select committee on February 28 next year.