Young mums’ fresh chances

NZ Herald 25 November 2013
While they love their children dearly, the teenage mums at Rotorua’s School for Young Parents have a message for others: “Don’t get pregnant young.”

The school, one of 22 teen parent units in New Zealand, lets teenage mothers continue their education while their children are cared for.

While having a baby young is tough it doesn’t mean your life is ruined, according to three students.

BK, 17, has a 19-month-old daughter. “Mum was disappointed [when I got pregnant] because she was a young mum … she didn’t want her struggles for me.”

BK now loves being a mum and plans to go to university to become a sonographer or midwife.

She believes school health classes need to be more realistic.

“They say have safe sex but they don’t tell you about the consequences of not using protection, what it’s really like [having a baby].”