Sex Ed for 5 y/o’s – And the homework is?

 3News featured a concerning story on their news bulletin on Saturday night regarding a new sex education programme being offered to primary school children as young as five. The Every Body Education programme has so far been picked up by five North Island primary schools. A brave mother Carla Smith spoke up and you can read her summary of what’s being covered .

She saysI’m just a mum who cares about my kids.” We think she’s a hero for speaking up and alerting us to this.

What’s in the programme for 5 year olds up?

“We talk about how the baby grows in the uterus, [and] we talk about how the penis’s job is to deliver the sperm to the egg through the vagina. It’s all very matter of fact.” Other information covered in the programme aimed at year 1 and 2 primary school students includes how a baby is born, that sex is an adult activity and what condoms look like.

If you’re a parent or grandparents, please watch this short clip

READ a summary of the programme provided by Carla

Hopefully you’re motivated now to ensure that your children are never ever exposed to groups like Family Planning, Rainbow Youth and programmes like these.

You simply can’t take the risk. Their agenda is clear. They want to sexualise children and even toddlers and take away their moral innocence.

They also want to undermine your role as parents. Parents know their children the best and should determine the best timing and most appropriate way to tackle topics such as keeping themselves safe and ‘where do babies come from.” There seems to be an assumption here that parents know nothing about sex, nothing about puberty, nothing about wanting to keep their children safe, and that only Family Planning and so-called ‘experts’ know.

This is a myth and should be rejected by every good parent and by politicians who fund these groups.

PLEASE SPEAK UP NOW. Find out if your local school is using this programme, and if they are, tell them to get rid of it!

Kind regards



Bob McCoskrie
National Director