Reducing opening hours for bars would curb violence – researcher

NZHerald 7 November 2013
The way to address night time alcohol-related crime and violence is to reduce the opening hours for licensed premises, a visiting Australian researcher says.

Associate Professor Peter Miller of Australia’s Deakin University presented the findings of two major studies at a research seminar in Auckland.

The research compared six Australian cities over three years and involved talking to more than 11,000 patrons.

“The studies looked at the effectiveness of interventions for reducing alcohol-related offending and injuries,” Professor Miller said.

“When we looked at the findings from the cities of Newcastle and Geelong, for example, we found the most effective intervention was a reduction in trading hours.”

In Newcastle, where trading hour restrictions and a number of other interventions were imposed on licensed premises, there were significant improvements in alcohol-related injuries and offending, he said.