Let’s look at earnings of street prostitutes

Stuff.co.nz 18 November 2013
OPINION:Who apart from a handful of Christchurch al fresco prostitutes wouldn’t champion the pugilistic heroism of a woman accused of assaulting a prostitute she admitting taking a swipe at, after discovering the prostitute and her client on her property?

BQ, which stands for Before Quake, the prostitutes who have a historical attachment to plying their trade on Manchester Street, did so at the CBD end.

After the cordon was imposed the women-of-the-night shifted their stomping ground to the residential Bealey Avenue north end of the street.

This left residents with a mess of unsavoury calling cards, street workers having turned homeowners’ front lawns and flower beds into makeshift squalid bordellos.

This has gone on for months but seems to have come to a head after this latest incident, where the homeowner was having a drink on her doorstep when she heard close by sounds of copulation.

Justifiably enraged at having my-home-is-my-castle invaded, a verbal fracas ensued as the prostitute allegedly lunged at the woman who hit back, and was later stunned to be visited by the boys-in-blue investigating an assault charge laid by the prostitute.