Concerns over primary school sex ed

3 News 25 November 2013
Parents are deeply concerned over a new sex education  programme being offered to primary school children as young as five.

The Every Body Education programme has so far been picked up  by five North Island primary schools. Founder Kathryn Heape is a qualified  teacher and sexuality educator, and believes comprehensive learning is necessary  from a young age.

“We talk about how the baby grows in the uterus, [and] we  talk about how the penis’s job is to deliver the sperm to the egg through the  vagina. It’s all very matter of fact.”

Other information covered in the programme aimed at year 1  and 2 primary school students includes how a baby is born, that sex is an adult  activity and what condoms look like.

But Auckland mother Carla Smith says it’s all too much.

“I just think you’re placing seeds in their head which they  may not know what to do with. Who knows where those seeds are going to go in the  future, and in what directions they’re going to turn.”