Call to teach kids aged 5 about sexuality

OneNews 1 November 2013
Family Planning is set to introduce a resource for teaching children as young as five about their sexuality. The move has been criticised by conservative groups, however the sexual health charity says it is about teaching kids to be comfortable and not about sex. The resource, which has yet to be named, has been commissioned to teach children from Year 1 to 4 about their sexuality, something Family Planning says is lacking in the current curriculum. Family Planning says the resource will largely cover the basics like relationships and identity but it will also focus on the proper names for body parts.

…However Bob McCroskie from Family First New Zealand said that sexuality education was a parent’s responsibility and a decision for them to make at the right time. “It’s not up to strangers to do a one size fits approach, that hasn’t worked,” he told TV ONE’s Breakfast. “I don’t think the question is ‘when do we begin sexuality education’ the actual question is ‘who does the sexuality education.” He said parents should determine “what kids need to know at the suitable time”.

“When you get to down to the intricacies of parts of the body, how do they work, where do babies come from, what do you call them what do you label them&that’s a parental decision and it’s also based around the values of the family as well,” Mr McCroskie said.
Sexuality already in school curriculum
3 News 1 November 2013
Family Planning has hit back at criticism about sexuality education for young  children, saying it’s already part of the school curriculum from the age of  five.

Family Planning, with the assistance of two New Zealand experts, has developed a new resource that will soon be available to schools to help teach sexuality education to pupils in years one to four.

But Family First has criticised the move, with national director Bob McCoskrie saying it should be up to parents to decide when and how to tackle topics such as keeping yourself safe and “where do babies come from”.

Family Planning director of health promotion Frances Bird  says sexuality education is always age and stage appropriate.