The rise of ‘Motherism’ – prejudice against stay-at-home mums

The Telegraph 21 October 2013
Stay-at-home mothers are increasingly facing a damaging but unspoken prejudice   that assumes they are stupid, lazy and unattractive, a leading child   development expert has warned.

Dr Aric Sigman, a biologist and psychologist, said that what he called    “motherism” should be tackled as much as other prejudices such as racism.

He told a conference that the rise of derogatory attitudes towards   stay-at-home mothers had helped make it socially unacceptable in some   circles to argue that children benefit from “full-time” parenting.

Dr Sigman, a fellow of the Society of Biology and associate fellow of the   British Psychological Society, has argued in the past that evidence about   the long-term effects of sending very young children to full-time day care   is being ignored because of a political and economic agenda.

Addressing a conference organised by the Mothers At Home Matter group, he said   that evidence from biosciences showed that mothers provided “unrivalled   benefits” to young children that other people, including fathers, cannot.