Comparisons between JONES & BROWN:

17 October 2013
When Labour MP Shane Jones was caught for spending taxpayer funds on porn movies in a hotel, I wrote an article for the Otago Daily Times. What I said about Shane Jones then also applies to Len Brown now.

“…While we always hope that our private attitudes and actions do not receive the same scrutiny as our public and outward appearance and words, they can not be separated, because they define character. What we do in private manifests itself in the quality of our integrity, morality and leadership in the public domain. Watching a movie containing bestiality or necrophilia, having an extra-marital affair, getting drunk and passing out, or purchasing the services of a prostitute can also happen in the privacy of our room and are completely legal. But are they right? When politicians are given the mantle of leadership to vote on important moral issues, we have the right to know their strength – or weakness – of character.”