Born in the wrong body 6 October 2013
The parents of a seven-year-old girl are backing a decision for her to live as a boy and to medically stop puberty.

In as little as two years the child, whom the Sunday Star-Times has chosen not to identify, could start a course of drugs dubbed puberty blockers.

This is the first step toward hormone replacement treatment and possible surgery.

It would mean the child, whose story is being told today  with the support of his family, will never fully develop a woman’s body and its natural functions.

However, if the injections, which are given once every three months, are stopped, the body would continue its normal development.
Seven ‘too young’ to decide to stop puberty
One News 7 October 2013
Seven is too young to make the decision to medically stop puberty, a medical ethics expert says.

The parents of a seven-year-old who was born a girl are defending their decision to consider using puberty blockers in a few years time to stop the onset of female puberty to better enable the child’s transition into becoming a male.

The parents say it was a biological mistake and they are already raising her as a boy.