Zero-alcohol limit working 17 Sept 2013
Safe driving advocates say the zero-alcohol restriction imposed on drivers under 20 has forced a culture change and drawn a clear line in the sand about alcohol consumption.

New figures released to the Manawatu Standard by the Ministry of Justice reveal that since the zero-alcohol limit came into force in August 2011, the number of under-20s convicted for drink-driving has plummeted by 22 per cent.

Around New Zealand in 2011/12 4223 people under 20 were convicted of drink-driving, down from 5418 the year before.

In 2008/9, 6655 youths were convicted.

Palmerston North District Court has seen a similar drop from 145 convictions in 2010/11 to 93 in 2011/12. In 2007/8, there were 201 convictions.

Students Against Driving Drunk chief executive Anna Braidwood said her organisation had lobbied for the change since the group’s inception in the 1980s.