Where do the Labour Party Candidates for Leader Stand on Family Issues?

With all the focus on the candidates for the new leader of the Labour Party, we thought it would be interesting to do a quick analysis of their voting record on important family issues. The analysis is below. By clicking on the image, you can download the PDF which allows you to click through to the explanations of all the issues. Most of this info is from our website www.valueyourvote.org.nz

There’s a couple of things we note:

1. There is not much difference between the candidates i.e. no stand-out performer for family issues. In fact, their voting records are quite concerning.

2. Shane Jones entered Parliament in 2005, Grant Robertson in 2008, whereas David Cunliffe has been there since 1999

3. Shane Jones seems to be absent a few times!

4. David Cunliffe’s voting record on the drinking age and street prostitution seems inconsistent

5. On the issue of euthanasia, Shane Jones has recently made some positive comments compared to the other candidates, but on the issue of abortion, the comments of all the candidates cause great concern. (Hat-Tip to Brendan Malone from LifeNet for this info)

                                               click on image to download PDF