TVNZ admits condom ad was inappropriate for family movie

NZ Herald 24 Sept 2013
TVNZ has admitted it was inappropriate to broadcast a condom commercial during a family movie.

The advertisement for Durex Mutual Climax condoms and Durex Perfect Slide gel was played during a screening of The Karate Kid, prompting multiple complaints to the Advertising Standards Authority.

The advertisement showed two record decks playing side by side at different speeds, and contained the words: “Speeds her up. Slows him down. Get in sync with Durex Mutual Climax condoms.”

One complainant, A Stratton, said they did not want to explain Durex’s products to their young daughter, while the authority said other complainants shared similar views.

In response, TVNZ said the commercial was rated with an AO certificate, and was screened after the adults only viewing time of 8.30pm.

However it accepted the placement was inappropriate during a movie which was rated PGR and started at 7pm, and was likely to attract a younger audience.